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this is mageezroom. 

         after purchasing this house we needed more space for mine and grrr’s toys. he took over the garage and we hired a contractor (who actually knew what a long arm was). showed him looms and told him what we needed. turned out well. this room houses an 8 harness Gilmore, a 4 shaft baby wolf and a 4 harness Pendleton loom and of course Lola an Innova from ABM. 

           I was a weaver by profession who took a detour. When I had a serious accident, a friend, who owned a quilt shop brought me fabrics, needle and thread and told me to 'quit whining'.  It saved my sanity. By the time the surgeons were done I was hooked on quilting. That was 30 years ago. 10 years ago i sold my Glimakra draw loom and replaced it with an Innova Longarm quilting system and named her Lola. 

And yes, I still weave.  


           In Washington I belong to a small group of like minded women, 'The Dreadful Threads’.  They meet monthly to share life’s joys, sorrows, concerns and quilts. I attend when I can. 

          We wintered in Arizona for 4 years and this year we purchased a house and decided to stay. I belong to Artistic Weavers at the Oakmont Rec Center and Friendship Quilters group at Bell Center.  

          Between having both shoulders replaced, selling the big house in Washington, moving, the major remodeling of the house here it’s been just over 2 years. I need to make an effort to get back into both weaving and quilting. 

          So, relax and have a look around. (Click on any photo to see a close up.)  You will find a wide variety of bright and happy quilts plus some beaded pieces, a few knitted items and lots of handwoven   


          My blog will keep you up to date with what's happening on my life adventure.


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       and before you leave you must meet Chewbacca.  He’s my rescue from a local pet finder shelter. took him about 3 hours to decide he’d chosen well. 

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