About the Quilter



          I was a weaver by profession who took a detour. When I had a serious accident a friend, who owned a quilt shop brought me fabrics, needle and thread and told me to 'quit whining'.  It saved my sanity. By the time the surgeons were done I was hooked on quilting. That was 20 years ago. Since then I have sold one of my Glimakra looms and replaced it with an Innova Longarm quilting system and named her Lola. 

And yes, I still weave.  

          I belong to a small group of like minded women, 'The Dreadful Threads’.                                                                            


They meet monthly to share life's joys, sorrows, concerns and quilts.  I attend when I can. 

Winter months I spend in Arizona and focus more on weaving. Am currently teaching intermediate weaving at a studio in Sun City. Teaching is new for me and find I enjoy sharing  my knowledge. 

If you would like to contact me email is mageez@comcast.net


                 This is John.