it’s all bad


          except that grrr has decided he wants a couple of home made masks. i don’t even own elastic. 

         it’s also getting warmer. shelly and family are here in there house. arrived in time for dinner this wednesday ate and went home. she called the next day not feeling well. then admitted to never

gettng a  covid booster

20200417 083121

quilts don’t use elastic!  so i’m sorting fabrics looking for something i think he’d like. he specifically asked for M & M candy print. (this candy is his not so secret addiction) years ago i made him a set of pillow cases out of that print. we’ll see what i can come up with. have printed out some simple instructions and i did find some soft cotton cord that will work. it’s not streatchy so will have to guestimate the length. now he can go out in style. 

20200410 132942

           this was the customer quilt i finished this week. met her on the patio and had a short visit. this is the second one i’ve done for her using this fabric line. she’s been collecting it for years. got me motivated to use my nickel collections of the same fabric line. not ready to show anything yet.            

20200417 23003420200412 071847

          did quilt the wall hanging for grrr’s bathroom wall. 

          woke up to this little guy wandering around the driveway across the street. either he’s really young or not healthy. seemed to have trouble walking and looked scruffy. The coyote that hunts behind our house is really well fed and healthy looking. this guy eventually wandered down the sidewalk out of my line of sight.

20200410 205242

          i keep expecting this isolation thing to start getting easier. it’s not. or maybe i’m just going thru another depression stage. it’s not like i need/want to go anywhere. can’t get interested in anything except eating and napping.  still avoiding the news and anything trump related. sure would like to know where and how the money for small business was distributed. Probably we’ll never find out. 

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          in fact we made a grocery run at at 6:00am. my eyes were barely open. still no noodles to be had but did find rice. not doing much cooking and to prove it i melted a dish in the oven. now everytime i turn it on the whole house stinks. seems it was microwave safe but not oven safe.  we’re going to start ordering food more often after this little mistake. 

           a couple of positives have come out of this:  last month was the first march in 18 years without a single school shooting. too bad it takes 37,000 deaths to make it happen.  

20200410 205242

i’ haven’ t been late to anything for weeks. 

a person can go out in public in a disguise (even the bank) and no one even notices. it’s the naked faces that you pay attention to. 

my car is getting one month per gallon of gas. 

Louie loves grrr best.

i am fully aware how blessed i am and try not to take it for granted. 

          stay safe and healthy everyone. listen to Dr Fauci for as long as trump will let him talk. 



       read somewhere that this is being called a ‘ global pause’. in other words a test of mankind to see how resilient we are as a species. 

meeting with benoit in march. will be tested before surgery before he starts in on they other knee. i just want it all over with.

           aneery every morning i still miss chewbacca. there is also a coyote who misses him too. he sleeps up against my bedroom window waiting for him. Steve is now having second thoughts about traveling to Arizona.

till next time.

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