400th Blog Entry!!

                                                        giving myself a big WWHOOP!

          this blog started out as a personal diary of how i spend time both weaving and quilting. over the years every other part of my life has been included. course there are private events not posted for the world to read and private thoughts never shared but for the most part this is my life. 10 years ago i started posting about twice a week. was working full time and weaving and quilting filled the rest of my hours. 

          since then i turned 65, retired, (Grrr retired over 20 years ago) we’ve moved to arizona, i’ve had both shoulders replaced, sold the washington house, bought a new one here in Arizona, packed, moved and unpacked about 100 u-haul boxes. almost done. never again!  (and stop telling me to never say never)

          this last week there is no exceptional house news. oh! my shower rod has fallen down for the 8th time. everytime someone puts it up they guarantee it will stay.; handyman, plumber, tile guy, etc.  you’d think i was doing pull ups on it. besides the fact that i can’t do those any longer i try not to even touch the damn thing. it just doesn’t like me. so i march down the hall to use Grrr’s. his shower curtain stays up. 

          still unpacking but now i have a deadline at least for the weaving room. next Saturday i’m having a stash sale. have way more weaving related stuff than i’ll ever live long enough to use and don’t have anywhere to put it. this house is big not near the space i had before. decided to keep the linens and silks but everything else is up for sale. so if you read this next saturday starting at noon thru 3:00pm. 

IMG 20180331 084538670 HDR

          have been spending my sleeping hours dreaming of different weaving drafts. that’s a mental message that i need actually do some weaving. have been been suffering withdrawal and decided since my own work area is in such chaos i’m going to warp a loom at the studio. have also been spending time at the condo with Lola. have a total of 5 quilts done for the group and 2 of my own. mine don’t have bindings - the sewing machine isn’t set up yet. but it’s close.  the photo shows the new fabric racks. guaranteed to hold 400 pounds. and they have wheels!

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          And the baby hummers are from a photo taken by a fellow weaver. the nest is just outside the studio door. lots of foot traffic but the family seems ok with it. she says she just kept snapping pictures and this was the best of the bunch. great picture!.  

          no Louie picture again. he’s completely nocturnal and i won’t see him until about 3pm. since i up’d his food servings he’s stopped waking me up in the middle of the night. 2 cans of fancy feast a day. but he is still growing and he’s not overweight (yet). 

          enough for now. off to spend the day with Lola.