am feeling a little overwhelmed. 

4 doctor appointments in 3 days. i’ve started going into Grrr’s appointments with him so i know what the dr tells him. seems it doesn’t always get translated correctly. he’s now on ear medication due to a fugal infection because he needs to clean his hearing aids. we’re communicating by text because i’m tired of yelling at him which he still doesn’t hear. I’ve started wearing ear protection in the house due to the tv volume. 

          he blames his new RH meds on why he feels so tired and lousy. i’m thinking depression is a big part. his GP tested for all the basics (by my request) and no problems came up. we see his RH doctor next week and also get cataract surgery on the first eye. 

          then we leave the office to go home and someone had run into his car in the medial center parking lot!  so now i’m dealing with all that crap. the guy left his insurance policy number on the window so i had a place to start. All State has you download an app and jump thru all the hoops and then you wait. they send you how much $ they’ll agree to pay and i send them the estimate from a local repair shop. they’re offering less than half. we’re negotiating. it would be way less money to pay our deductible but Grrr doesn’t want it on our record. i may be looking for an attorney. too many photos to post here. 

patio leak

          plus the new patio roof is leaking in 4 places. called and they re-sealed the entire roof. told me in this extreme heat the sealent dries out too fast so it’s common to have to go over it several times. 

20190730 125112

          have been managing to work in my room for short spurts of time. finished another quilt (my own)  and picked up 4 more from the club. have the first one started. all appear to be fun, bright, scrappy tops that will be perfect for stippling. and i really screwed up on the first one. loaded the quilt the wrong direction and on the last pass discovered the backing was too short. took it off and will be asking the club to please fix. there is plenty of yardage on the side to stitch on the short end. sorry ladies. 

20190801 105923

           completed one scarf at the studio. cut the warp and re-tied on. tension issues. the second one will be a  light purple.  have made very little progress on the looms here at home. the warps i make for dish towels go on forever. 2 more colors done. plain weave is fast. 

20190729 103604




           pieced 5 Christmas place mats for the club to sell. they can do the quilting on a standard machine and find backing for them. i had guessed i could get 6 out of the amount of holiday print i had but it didn’t work out that way. it’ll be their problem. or i’ll keep one for a center piece. 

20190714 110801when-you-do-laundry-1

          it’s over 100 degrees outside and probably at least 80 in here and he’s snuggled in a quilt. 20190324 094458