A Little of Everything this Week

          This week has really gotten away from me. not sure exactly what i’ve managed to accomplish. haven’t touched the un-warped gilmore loom. warp still hanging down the front.  

          have spent an ungodly amount of time on trying to make a clickable calendar to put the on weavers web site. maybe it’s time to contact the Mac club and ask for help.  i know it can be done. one of the clubs has a clickable google calendar but google likes pc’s.  i can create all kinds of calendars but the software turns them into pdf files and those are not clickable. any mac users out there willing to help let me know. 

          have also not been sleeping well. am stressed out over monday’s appointment with Dr Benoit about my knee.  one minute i think it’s not bad enough and the next i know that even thou it’s maybe not that bad it is unstable and it’s a good way to take a fall and hurt other body parts. and i don’t like hearing it grind. plus he’s going to ask me how my shoulders are and right now the left is very painful. got a shingles shot 3 days ago and it hurts a little more each day. grrr got one too and hasn’t even noticed. 

          Wednesday morning the thunder never let up. it like trying to sleep in a busy bowling alley. Grrr said it rained and showed me we still have a small leak in the patio. poor Louie kept trying to crawl inside my body. under the covers just wasn’t close enough. tried laying across my throat. he’s too heavy for that. finally crawled down into the bend behind my knees. i’d stopped his drugs about a week ago and he’d been doing so well. 

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          grrr has been busy in the garage. this is what he came in with. i love mine. but now i’m giving him a hard time about the fact that there is no inscription inside. he’s good but says he’s not THAT good. am also thinking these were his excuse to purchase a new polishing machine. but i still want an inscription.  i can wear this while weaving. my diamond gets hidden away during weaving as it catches and breaks warp threads. 

          have been spending time with Lola since i’ve gotten the electrical fixed. the lighting issue was operator. two switches and a remote all have to be synced. who knew? and the tablet needed a tighter plug. so i’m back in business. 

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          attended a quilt meeting and we’re discussing having a quilt booth at the farmers market in the Bell parking lot. They have a good size group of sellers and the parking lot is alwasy full on Thursdays. the club owns a tent and tables and those of us who wish to sell will be paying the club either a commission or flat fee (to be decided later) for the use of the equipment. after putting 11 pieces on consignment for the fall craft sale i still have a garment rack full of quilts. 

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          spent saturday at a wood show in Phoenix. WOW!  it was an event!  live music and food and some amazing wood art. grrr had entered a piece. don’t think he won any prizes but did get a $50.00 certificate for purchasing more wood. i took photos and nobody stopped me.  don’t know which piece won but we all voted. this was my # 1 favorite. Stunning!  The letter explained that it was originally supposed to be a tool chest for his wood shop but when it was done his wife claimed it.  not everything was furniture. 

20191109 161825

A huge varity of items and imagination. 

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a weaver friend from back home wrote to ask how “ ir Louie” was doing so we’ve changed his name. this cartoon is so accurate. i’ve learned not to shake my finger at him. puts him in instant attack mode.