a week for finishes

           completed a huge pickle dish customer quilt yesterday. she did a great job on it and even stay stitched all the bias edges for me. was a dream to work on. we thought about doing something special in the white sections but that quilt is so busy decided to keep it simple. did use  a heavy multi color verigated thread on the front and a pale cream on the back.  her piecing was perfect, flat and square. i hope she was as happy with it as i was. 

          have also dug out a pile of unfinished beaded items. the majority of these needed findings and cleaning up. made a fire mountain order and got busy. most are rope bracelets.  


browngold braceletblue rope braceletmauve roll on bracelet

           The necklaces will be shown later. only have 2 of those completed.  the majority of these started out as testing of patterns i make up on the computer. String about a million size 11 delicas and start crocheting. it’s mindless and i can listen to the tv while i work. good way to keep my fingers busy in the evenings. have a pile more started that need a little more crocheting or more beads added. have decided i like the roll on bracelets better. saves a lot of work. not confident on what the measurements should be. i made this one to roll over my hand but once it’s on my wrist it’s way to big.   have some great ideas for more colored ones but the majority of my beads are in a dresser at the condo. 

doubled bracelet

          speaking of the condo. our friends who are staying there have found a house. not far from ours.   they are set to sign the papers on Tuesday.  i know how excited R is to finally have her own place.   i’ve looked at the interior online. very nice.                                           

          took Grrr in for his cataract pre-op appointment on the other eye. the left one is doing great. she sent him to his other eye doctor to have something checked out. turned out not to be a big deal. so tuesday is the big day and it’s back to wearing the patch and using eyedrops 4 times a day. 

          and i have another small rant for the week. i have my toe nails done every 4-5 weeks.  i love the unusual colors that are available.  seems my older bottles of polish will last until my next appointment. have purchased several new bottles lately and those new colors don’t last nearly as long. Chip and crack or even completely come off. and i’m not spending time in the pool.  seems to be a quality thing.  hate to sound like an old person but it appears they don’t make the stuff like they used to. 


          this isn’t Louie. stole the photo from the internet somewhere. i adopted Louie after he’d passed thru this ‘cute’ stage. i hope this young cat keeps the good attitude i sense from it.  my Louie never looks that mellow. but he has taken to sleeping on my cutting table and the ironing board. they’re big enough he doesn’t fall off.