A Week With No Diasters!

          living here is getting better. we had no disasters this week.  and progress has been made.  we have some of the art on the walls. 2 of the book cases are up and loaded with books and decorations. (still way too many boxes out in the patio.). Closet walls are fixed and painted (thou i haven’t moved stuff back in). the cone racks are on the walls. And just a warning for Dell Webb home owners - the studs are not consistently 16 inches apart. what’s shown in the photo is only a small amount of whats still in totes. And in the sewing room there is new shelving, some filled with fabric some still empty. 

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          Spent thursday at the weavers. just outside the door is a large saguaro cactus and on the top is a tiny hummingbird nest. the photo is mom. sometimes she watches us but she’s decided this is her best side so it’s how she poses for the cameras.  it’s a high traffic area but she seems ok with it. haven’t seen a baby peaking over the side yet but we keep checking.

          and the big news is that it’s Grrr’s birthday. we’re not making a big deal of it. already went to Red Robin for his birthday burger.  i’ll get him some peeps at the grocery store. gifts are limited to if he can’t eat it he doesn’t want it. and he loves peeps. i’ve never figured out how anyone can eat those things. but. . . 

          no pix of Louie this week. i’m experimenting with giveing him more food. the shelter gave him 1/4 of a small can twice a day plus dry food. i’ve up’d that to 1/2 of a small can twice a day plus dry. sometimes he empties the dry food bowl, sometimes not. but he’s started waking me up 3-4 in the morning. Biting and or scratching and this is not play. he’s really agressive about it. Thinking he may be hungry. this is new behavior so need to figure out what he’s trying to tell me. 

          Happy Easter to everyone ( a day early).