I read other blogs. this was interesting

          The topic was about quilts. All of the different people interviewed from the best quilters in the field, to the people that own the top galleries along with collectors of quilts talked about quilts as craft or art.  If a quilt is used on a bed it’s utilitarian and is classified as craft, thus having very little value.  but when the same quilt is hung on the wall with an artist statement then it’s looked at as art and has a great deal more value.  

         So what does this say about weaving?  if i weave a shawl, no matter how beautiful or well done it is, if it’s worn as a shawl it’s craft. if i drape it elegantly on a wall it's art?  same with rugs? i’ve personally always considered rag rugs their own art form but that’s just me. 

          i’m not going to beat my head against the wall about this. it was just interesting to know where the line is drawn. i’ve always considered myself a craftsman rather than ‘artist’. 

          on the construction front good things are happening. it’s dried out and the roofers are spent 2 days making enough noise to annoy the entire neighborhood.  the next rain storm there won’t be a panic about water coming in the house. and now the electricians have moved in. we now have wiring hanging down and protruding from varies places in the ceiling and walls. HURRAY! it’s so great to see progress. 

          have been busy with Lola. managed to fit one of my tops in between others. it’s a sweet little yellow crib size top. The top doesn’t show off the feathers. i lov feathers so did one last picture of the back. now for binding. i’m 6 quilts behind on the binding pile. 

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          Then mounted another giant top. way to cutsie for my taste. it’s really too big for a childs quilt but the patterns and fabric (to me) scream child.  am using a pale blue thread and stitching both boy and girl paper doll shapes. and yes, i know it’s mounted upside down. wasn’t paying attention but it makes no difference to the quilting pattern. The photo of the backing rolled on the take up bar shows the stitching pattern. . 

          this week was a dentist appointment. i managed to chip one of my lower front teeth.  couldn't really tell to look at me but the rough edge was wearing a hole on the inside of my lower lip. gave my dentist an opportunity to use his artistic skills to rebuild it. that tooth never looked this good before i broke it!

          have to mention that Louie had a seriously bad day. all his stuff is in my bathroom including a bunch of plastic grocery bags. i use these when i clean the litter box. never had much use for them before but for this they’re perfect. i check the bags for holes and just scoop into them. anyway he was doing whatever cats do when they’re bored and managed to get his head thru the bag that was full of other empty bags. PANIC!!  poor guy went careening thru the house, running into things, screeching like he was dying. managed to corner him and get him untangled. worked at calming him down. it’s going to take more than his magic oil from washington to get over this trauma. 

          We also came home yesterday and could hear him crying. couldn’t find him. he was perched on top of the refrigerator of all places. he wanted down and didn’t have a clear place to land without landing in a bowel of fruit.   weird cat!

till next time.