back to our routine almost

          i thought we were done with remodeling. But. . .   grrr has decided that the patio cuts down on the brightness of the living room. Yes, of course it does. he wants sun shine in there. So he’s getting estimates for skylights.   with no direct sun coming into that room it’s going to stay cooler. last year when he went home during august i kept the drapes closed and it made a world of difference. but yes, the room is dim. so skylights it will be. we still haven’t been shopping for patio furniture but it’s too hot to sit out there anyway. even Louie doesn’t spend much time out there. 

S & S.

          great visit with the kids. all we did was eat and they spent time at the pool and looking a open houses.  the plan is to come back in about 6 months when they are old enough to buy property. they rented a convertible while they were here.  zippy little car. absolutely no trunk space or even a back seat. Louie misses them. he waited at the door for a while and then slept in their bed. But yesterday they picked up the bed (it was rented) and he stood in the hall and verbally complained to where i went to check on him. 

          we’re not sure about visiting Washington in the fall. grrr will be getting cataract surgery late July and early august so either we won’t go or it will just be later in the fall. to be determined. 

20190614 134848


          lola isn’t home yet so nothing to show. have been sewing sporadically but weaving on the shawl warp every day. first one done. Second one is a much lighter weft but still tercel. have another 2 sari silk place mats done at the studio. only a couple more to go before that warp is finished. next in line is a blazing shuttle soft cotton that i’m splitting for scarves. 

           found this on face book. never saw the movie but have read the book. never realized this could be Louie.  Leo’s grooming is much better.  Louie is the scruffy cousin. 


                               they both have a very direct way of looking at you. (Usually)

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till next time.