Blog 402

          this is blog 402 because i couldn’t think of a better title. 

          spent time with my favorite surgeon this last week. he had me do some arm exercises and we talked about loose joints. told him it wasn’t coming out nearly as often and that it did seem to be tightening up on it’s own. and that i can live with it so no - i don’t want it fixed. if it ever gets worse or starts to hurt i’m to let him know, otherwise he wants me to check in next year.  Yah!

          spent yesterday with Lola.  there are some days a person should just go back to bed. got a late start due to friday's standing date getting cancelled ( she had a sick cat).  did some errands and headed to the condo. loaded a quilt from the club and discovered the backing was too small.  grumbled, took it off and loaded one of my own.  promptly jammed up the machine. had to dis assemble part of the hook mechanism and dropped a tiny tiny screw on the carpet.  absolutely couldn’t find it. blended into that rug perfectly.  thank goodness that machine is on wheels. shoved it out of the way, took off my shoes and decided to walk every inch of that floor. BINGO!   still couldn’t actually see it but it was cold to my foot. got the machine back together and in the process dropped an entire box of straight pins. there’s a magnet in there to hold them but it’s not nearly as good as advertised. at least the pins i could see. they all have colored heads. cleaned up that mess. was so anxious to finally get started that i never thought to check the stitching on the back. (and i know better) 2 rows later i discovered bad tension on the back.  just couldn’t deal with it so decided to go home. now i need to go back and rip out what progress i’d made and start over. oh - and on the way home i hit a bird. it was the birds fault. Honest.

          have had company 3 times this week and several late shoppers to the stash sale. the sale is done and over. i’m greatful to everyone who bought stuff.  every sale gave me just a little more room. am planning a run of towels to match the kitchen. and on a sad note my warping mill didn’t survive the move. over all there was not a lot of damage. several breakables broke. one got trashed and two Grrr could repair. There was damage to one loom that was easily fixed but the warping mill was beyond help.  so overall not so bad. 

          we now have window blinds. wood ones in the kitchen. Grrr says they have a problem and they’re heavy. of course they are. it’s what he chose and he has control of the cords. we may be calling the installer back. 

          and our road is back open.  Hutton was blocked off for resurfacing. they left a notice on the door telling us if we wanted to use our car we would need to park in on a side street for the next 24 - 48 hours.  all the cones and signs were removed last night so now we can park in our own drive way. 

IMG 20180420 172925286 HDR

          need to get packed tomorrow. am heading out to Payson Monday morning for a machine maintance class on Lola. this machine is more advanced and has features my old one didn’t. so Grrr gets to play cat mom to Louie. he’s never fed him, let alone scooped out the litter box. i’m sure Louie will survive. am thinking i’ll have to call home twice a day to remind him to feed the cat. 

this is the look i get when dinner or breakfast is late. Wonder if he’ll be more patient with Grrr.