Blog 403

          Spent several days in payson at a machine maintenance class on my new longarm. well worth it. i was aware that i’ve developed bad habits but when you learn something on your own you just figure it out. and what you come up with is not always the best or safest or even the easiest.  I learned new ways to get the same result on several things. now i just have to implement these techniques until they become habit. there were 5 of us in the class. several had purchased the completely computerized systems, where you load the quilt, set up the computer and walk away. i know you can get looms that do the same thing but to me it’s just wrong. i still need to drive. the 3 of us had all bought similar systems tho i was the only pantovision user. and one of those women had sold her previous machine (different brand) to purcahse an Innova system. i brought home several rulers and an additional bobbin case. the shop also offers a list of classes on specific types of quilting;  ruler work, feathers, etc. these are usually a one day intensive class so got put on her mailing list. 

          staying there alone also brought home how much i hate motel rooms. i don’t like them when i’m traveling with Grrr but i really hate them when i’m my myself. And this one had the worst breakfast ever. your choices were waffles, potatoes or muffins. carbs anybody?  that breakfast would just put me to sleep. 


          it’s so good being home and sleeping in my own bed. and Louie survived Grrr’s care. he didn’t miss a meal and wasn’t boycotting his litter box because it hadn’t been scooped. all is good. when i came in the house he made a point of ignoring me and a short time later grabbed my leg and gave my calf a good hard bite. that was his message to me and he was over it. but from the looks of my toilet paper roll it took the brunt of his anger. 

          had a termite inspection done. they spent a day out side drilling holes, squirting in poison and then refilling the holes. following that they do an ant, roach and scorpion killing and removal. and coming monday is the vermin removal. (or rat patrol as i’m calling them). attic shows signs of rats and Louie knows we have mice. and not just in the closet with the ac/heating unit.  He spends time attempting to get behind the refrigerator. and during the night he’ll hear a noise and go racing out of the room.  was a bit shocked at the price but they guarantee their work. it’s a quarterly service and if Louie finds a bug or mouse to play with in between visits they come back. 

pink hair

          and in anticipation of my birthday i had my hair colored. just part of it. asked for purple to match my toe nails but that doesn’t seem to be what i got. looks awfully pink to me.  Seems if this color is put on dark hair it stays purple, but when put on blond it turns pink.  fades out in 6 - 8 weeks. so technically by the time my birthday rolls around it’ll be almost gone. 

           still don’t have even one loom warpped. Have 3 warps planned out but am waiting for the new warpping mill to arrive. Plus i need to have time to play with Lola. so many things i want to try out and to play with my new rulers. 

           and the patio still isn’t cleaned nor is the screen repaired. the hose is at the condo but we did purchase a spray nosal and a screen roller thingy.  seems our motivation has slowed down. heck - without a crisis we don’t know how to get things done. 

enough for now.