Blog 407

          we’re thinking that our internet is fixed. on my 5th call to them i finally got someone who not only listened but understood the problem. he scheduled us with a tech (our 3rd ) who found several problems.  i’d really like to know what the previous 2 techs even looked at. the jacks have now been repaired and rewired, an outside line that was waving in the wind and crispy with age and weather has been replaced.  we’ve have continual service since he left. his name and number on pasted on the frig just in case. this guy (Daniel) gets a gold star. 

          have re-opened my etsy shop.  only have quilts and not many to start with but i have 3 totes of tops lined up for quilting and bindings that will become available as they get completed.  and i’ve ordered a new type of thread for Lola. superior has come out with a new longarm weight and i’m giving it a try. 

          Will be taking some time off from both quilting and weaving. One of the kids plus wife are showing up this week and they’ll be living at the condo. we’re looking forward to spending time and getting caught up on the big changes in their life since they’ve also moved.  Plus they’re delivering Grrr’s car so we won’t have to schedule the car usage any longer. he’s delighted. 

IMG 20180523 115523697 HDR

           we finally took delivery of our new kitchen chairs so now we can seat 4 people. the existing chairs have been moved to the patio with the thrift shop table. these are from American Family Warehouse. i sat in a dozen different chairs and these were the most comfortable. they have some cush and fit the lower back. 

IMG 20180523 124939605 HDR

          and the partially woven towel on the left is the third out of 10.  these are being made to match my kitchen. my current stack of linen towels are all seconds from previous warps. on this warp the first towel got cut off and i re-sleyed the reed to 20 ends per inch. much nicer hand. the problem now is that they are narrow. still usable but not what i started out for. am using different blues as wefts and this one is a purple weft plus my favorite orange stripes. 6 more to go. have also began the process of threading the heddles on the loom at the studio. it’s very slow going over there. too many people, too many conversations and it’s the kind of pattern i have to seriously focus on. besides the fact that i’m having trouble telling the light from the dark layers. i should have known better than to try that pattern over there. but so far nobody is waiting for that loom so i’m ok. 

          We’re in the process of getting estimates to have the entire patio re-screened. what we’ve got now is bug screen and it’s falling down. these places even offers pet screening. Louie thinks parts of the existing screen are just another cat flap like his kitty door into the patio. have only caught him outside once and he came back thru the screen like it wasn’t even there. i was surprised. he’s not a brave beast. still hides from strangers and the landscapers terrify him.  

          one thing i’ve learned this week. Anything metal, hand rails, door handles, steering wheels get hot enough to burn bare skin. can’t see gloves as the answer to this but i need to find one.