Blog moving to Sundays

          Halloween is over. we didn’t even buy candy. not even for us.  when we lived in the county we usually had one or two trick r’ treaters. there are no children here. for me it was a stay home day to get caught up on lots of little things. didn’t even make it to the condo. 

          the beginning weaving classes are interesting. i sit and listen to the primary teacher and think how overwhelming all this information must be for these people.  she manages to simplify everything. i need to learn to do that. i bounce between vomiting out way too much information to feeling like a complete fraud.  in the first week they have wound a warp and managed to get it on the loom. Jan has the patients of a saint. i am so impressed. 

          The class i’m offering ‘the next step’ is fun and relaxed. am staggering the students and taking one person at a time to coach them thru the entire process of weaving an item of their choice. 

          i brought up maybe having a cpr talk at the club. was talking to a group of weavers and realized how many have a medical background. i was the only one who didn’t know the vocabulary. and we have access to a defibrillator.  we also came up with an impromptu stash sale for mid November. (i need to clean out the weaving closet at the condo) and received permission (a little after the fact) from the RCSC organization to publish a web site for the studio. take a look and now that the web site is established i’m warping 13 yards for a fellow weaver. she wants christmas runners. 13 yards between now and the holidays is going to be a challenge. i know time is tight but somebody needed to step up. this weaver is nearly blind and this is me paying it forward. 

          friday attended an additional spinning group that’s been added to the studio schedule. as a group we’ve been having problems finding monitors to keep the place open in the afternoons. i haven’t been able to attend the established wednesday spinning group so it was suggested we have a second one. good with me. i can do Fridays. 

          saturday beginning weaving class has disrupted my scheduled time with Lola but she waits patiently. besides the fact that i’m avoiding dealing with the current quilt. i need to un-stitch about 20 minutes worth of work. you have no idea how many stitches 20 minutes equals. takes forever to un-stitch the same coverage. i know that the quilt owner/maker will probably never notice or appreciate the change but it’s wrong so i’m fixing it. 

          i so want the elections over. the nasty mean commercials are turning people off. with these ads i can understand how crazy people vote with guns and bombs. with that rhetoric they make it sound ok. we don’t see the commercials and ads in washington. just go online do a little research and talk to the kids and mark our ballots. 

IMG 20181019 093236504

the only thing i finished this week is a scarf. and technically it’s not done. just off the loom.  have another short green warp to tie on. this is called using up the stash. Had to have strips because i didn’t have enough of any one fiber for weft. turned out well. am getting all my weaving and knitting together to be quality controled at the studio so it can go in the upcoming sale. when i combine the condo stuff with the current stuff it's a lot. Hope it all sells, not going to have room to store it all. 

          off to the condo to deal with Lola. can’t avoid the un-stitching any longer.