christmas is almost here

20191214 092641

this shows the extent of our holiday decorations.  a wreath on the front door. it also shows off the new paint job on the house. we had the same company that did the roof come back and paint. great job. and i received a beautiful hand woven christmas card from a fellow weaver.   

20191207 133131

          sold a quilt on etsy.  i’ve been ignoring my shop there. just letting items expire and not re-newing them. only have 4 that are still active and one of them sold. i was shocked. first sale in over a year. So logged in and renewed the expired items. still have a rack of quilts that have never been listed. maybe i should get on that. 

20191114 131951

          was delivered a new backing for the quilt that’s on Lola. so that’s where i’ll be working for the next week. it’s a beautiful soft, mellow quilt, but it’s huge. 

          have also stitched a bunch of christmas blocks that need being put together. maybe it’ll get done for next year.                                       

20191214 092720


            i did sell 3 quilted items at the craft sale. 2 small quilts and a Christmas table runner. unfortunately the large christmas quilt came home with me.  also did fairly well selling wovens at the sale. not much inventory came home which tells me i need to get my act together. maybe next year i’ll be able to sell jewelry too. have a pot load of items.

          the macintosh has been in the hospital this week. the timing was good. i was sick with a 24 hour bug of some sort. don’t know if i ate something i shouldn’t or associated with a germy person but spent an entire day vomiting (all over myself) and napping. thankfully it’s over. am feeling normal. Grrr picked up the mac but it will be going back this next week and being replaced with a new one.  they fixed the email issue but it still gets stuck. i take a break, refill my coffee, or use the bathroom and by the time i’m back it’s kicked loose. some things like ‘old age’ they can’t fix. it’s not able to be updated any longer. they told me it’s a sign of age. i can relate. 

          this also means i have to shop for a new web site application. the one i’ve used for years isn’t supported any longer. think i’ve made a decision but have yet to hit the ‘purchase button’. same on my inventory package. one thing leads to 40 others. 

          time to get Louie out of bed. he was in the same place when i crawled in last night. 

quotes-10-220191214 092529

          I’m still ignoring all the ranting and raving  in government. what happened to morals and ethics?  and Trump’s bulling of Greta for making the cover of Time magazine is embarrassing. he’s never matured past 10 years old. 

till next time.