Christmas Place Mats to late for Christmas

     Not much sewing done this last week. have been spending every day over at the Oakmont studio. changing tie up systems on floor looms, dressing a loom for the double weave sample, getting February’s students signed up and of course socializing. that’s one of the big attractions of the place. i’ve found my tribe. 

     have the loom at home half way threaded with a wonderful silk, bamboo mix i found on ebay.  going to test out a pattern i found on the internet.  contaced the weaver and asked if she’d share it. nope. drat!  guess i’ll just have to take the time and draft it out myself. why would somebody think this was top secret stuff? i don’t think you can copywrite weaving drafts. 

     so in my at home time i’ve been finishing up a small project i started well before Christmas. we don’t use place mats on the table in washington. we don’t eat at the table in washington. Grrr uses a tv tray (makes me crazy) and i sit at the bar in the kitchen. but here the dining room table is for meals. 

     they didn’t make it for Christmas dinner and they still aren’t quilted but Christmas will come again.  i’d made the trees some time ago but didn’t have any holiday looking background fabrics here. fabric here is expensive.  and matching colors on the internet is a crap shoot. had decided to take them back with me. have a whole box of christmas prints 5 states away. 

     but then my favorite farbric store had an after christmas sale. Thank you Arizona Quilts. big sale. so i went shopping. i got candy cane print for another set that will look like a wrapped box, backing for all of them and glitzy thread because they’re small enought i can quilt them here. 

enough for now. off to a weavers meeting. 


quote  I have a theory that you can make any sentence seem profound simply by writing the name of a dead philosopher at the end of it.  Plato