Count down

          we’re both counting the days until this is finished. have the texture sprayed on the inside. both the inside and outside have been painted to match the existing house colors and yesterday they leveled and prep’d the floor for carpeting next week. still need the fans and lighting installed. 

20190328 094805

20190329 130846

          finally heard back from Gina. seems she has another customer here in sun city that needs some maintance done and she’s trying to get both of us scheduled for the same day. good. this way we can split the cost of the milage. and i can relax about a non quilter handling Lola. 

          spent a day in phonix (again). this time with Grrr’s spinal doctor. he studied the MRI pictures and told us that he didn’t see a problem. talked about losing weight that Grrr didn’t hear. then physical therapy (which Grrr’s not willing to do) and the third option of cortisone shots. Grrr wasn’t thrilled with that either. both he and the doctor determined that it was slowly getting better on it’s own. he’s now taking my arthritis Tylenol which is helping sometimes. exactly what i’m not sure. have been told different versions on different days. not my pain, not my decision. 

20190327 10494520190324 112234


          Took this quilt off Lola without quilting it. nice looking top but the bottom border was almost 3 inches narrower than the top border. i can’t fudge that. talked to the quilting club and they’re taking it back. maybe it’ll get fixed but every strip across is off just a little more than the previous one so by the time you get to the far side it’s seriously bad. my guess is that whomever made it didn’t use a ruler when cutting the sashing. The far right photo shows the bottom pinned to the canvas apron and measured against the top. I’ve never had a quilt this far off before.  

          Picked up one last customer quilt before i start packing Lola up for her move. it’s a memory quilt made from her deceased husbands shirts.  i asked if it was hard to work on. she said she never realized how the sense of smell brought back so many memories. some days it was good and some days she couldn’t deal with it. Grrr doesn’t own enough shirts that i’d ever be able to do this. 

          in the mean time i’ve quilted one of my bigger ones  and several more mini pieces of my own. 

20190324 135330cropped

the orange one is really about 6 inches in size and will get some beading


          Louie wasn’t willing to get out from the bed covers this morning so i left him there and took this. he’s lucky that i don’t make my bed.