Diamond Blog Hop a day early

          i know i’m publishing this a day earlier than i’m scheduled to but tomorrow is Lola’s moving day. 

          Another Blog Hop. i’m on a roll here!. and having fun.  In this case i even have multiple entries. 

Besides mine, take a look at who’s playing along. It’s an amazing group of creative people. 

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          so now it’s time to unveil what i’ve accomplished. 

Here is diamond #1. first photo are blocks hanging on the wall. 

boxes copy

          next it's mounted on Lola. first couple rows of funky feathers stitched. 

IMG 20150521 110250737 HDR

then close ups of stitching. 

IMG 20161204 153338186

i love the colors in this quilt. 

and to prove I’ve even got the binding on which is my VERY LEAST favorite part of the whole process. All done by machine of course. 

IMG 20170205 094300946

        now to get it washed,  get all the cat hair off and find it a new home. 

          on to the second top. this one was in a tote of unfinished tops i’ve had stored under Lola for the last year. it’s now finished too. stitched lazy loops on this one. 

          please ignore the black, red and white bed quilt it’s laying on.  this is  grrr’s bed and since he always makes his bed i use it for pictures. 

          and here’s the backing and proof that it’s bound. 

20190403 123153

          Now onto the little diamond piece i started and completely finished in the last 3 weeks. found a picture on the internet and an idea sparked in my head. usually it’s a piece of fabric, either color or pattern that sets me on a path.  but i’ve had diamonds on my brain lately. (Besides in my ears)

i’ve titled it ‘ even diamonds aren’t perfect'. 

             i’ve so enjoyed participating in these blog hops.  Carol, the blog hop mother or organizer has done a great job of keeping me on track. and I’ve gotten to see the work of so many other quilters on their blogs. 

          The looms got uncovered last week and i’m in the process of moving into my new space so sewing will slow down considerably. need to get them warped including the one at the studio.  was reminded that i haven’t turned in any new inventory for the fall sale yet. However this pause in weaving has given me a chance to spend lots of time with Lola and we took advantage of it.  now to get Lola moved into her new space. 

happy stitchine everyone. till next time. 

Maggie (and Lola)