Excessive Heat Warning!

          rat patrol (Truly Nolan) was here again for several hours. they’ve dealt with the termites, roaches, scorpions, ants etc. now they’re setting traps and cleaning up tell tale evidence of our vermin house guests.  seems there was a secret tunnel in the back of the hall closet. that’s how they nested in the train unit. he closed off their passage way so now they’ll have to find a new way in or move to the neighbors. set traps in the closet and the attic. comes back every week to dispose of his winnings and re-set the traps. 

IMG 20180428 111918131 HDR

          this is my new dining room table. Love It!  it glows. unfortunately Grrr isn’t up for making matching chairs so that ment another trip to american furniture warehouse.  purchased 4 chairs but they had to be ordered. they’re a darker wood with a padded seat. i sat in about 8 different chairs and was surprised at how different they all were. my butt liked these best. the new fashion is bar heighth tables with stools. (just one more thing to fall off of.)  we’ve moved the thrift store table to the patio for now. still don’t have it hosed out and cleaned up. 


          this is what came off Lola this week. Cute baby quilt. the stitching shows butterflies. have no idea who made it but it was flat and square and well put together. whish they were all like this. 

          Have more art work for the living room that’s leaning against the sofa.  made a trip to phoenix for wood for a coffee table. Beautiful walnut and 2 shockingly expensive boards of zebra wood. Got the warping mill together after learning what a barrel screw was (thank you Grrr) and 2 of 3 warp chains made. 

          and for the first time ever i’m getting heat alerts on my phone. we’ve never been here this late into the year. 

Excessive Heat Warning for La Paz, Maricopa, Pinal, and Yuma Counties

National Weather Service has issued an
Excessive Heat Warning for:

Daytime highs are expected to be in the 105 - 109 degrees Fahrenheit range. 

Residents are advised to stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed.

YIKES!!!!r addi