feeling good about what i’ve accomplished

20190618 090744

          making progress on several fronts this week. Wound over 500 warp ends for the next project. a 17 yard warp of linen and cotton for a run of dish towels. almost finished with the third and last shawl on the current warp. the first 2 are tencel wefts. this last one is a slubby raw silk. should soften up after wet finishing. 

20190620 154438


          Started a paper pieced quilt. sometimes making the color decision is the hardest part of the whole process. this is a purchased pattern and they only show a 2 color quilt. i’m using a mix of blocks in reds, whites and blues. 

          received a phone call from Steven at 35th ave sew and vac to discuss Lola.  i had guessed that the whole tension unit would need replacing and i was correct. he needed permission to order the part from ABM.  Not sure how long it will take to get the part from Texas. told him to please order it, and call me when he’s done. don’t know where he’s from but love his accent. need to let the quilters know that i can either return these unfinished tops or just hang onto them until Lola comes home. 

          got all the windows cleaned by a professional. the patio guys left full hand prints on every window out there. i thought i could do them but grrr decided to hire someone for the whole house. not sure if he just wanted a professional job or didn’t want me stressing my shoulders. i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. 

          We have 9 appointments coming up starting late july running thru august for his cataract surgeries. 2 different pre-ops, the actual surgery and then a follow up for each eye. he’s thinking maybe washington in September. not sure if i’ll go with him. depends on if i can find a cat sitter. 

          also had our third estimate for a solar tube light in the living room. This company was exactly twice the price of the other 2. WOW!.  but he could do it this coming week. he also was the least professional. we had the same thing happen when we were getting patio estimates. we’re thinking the job wasn’t big enough to interest them so they jack the price up. it works. we moved on. grrr made the phone call and we’re scheduled for first week in July. 

          found a new place to get audio books. https://www.chirpbooks.com.  i belong to audible.com and for a set cost i get 2 books of my choice monthly. Chirp offer specials each day. prices are way lower than audible and i can listen on my phone. if you like to listen rather than read check it out.  i know you can get free books from the library but in my experience they expire and disappear off your system. Makes me crazy. 


          we also celebrated our anniversary. 22 years this time. how’d that happen? no gifts, just out to dinner. no dishes to wash or kitchen to clean up. i’ve decided to keep him. 

20190611 083838



          the window washer actually recognized  Louie as a Maine Coon. Maybe because i live with him i’m not aware of his size.  Just because he hangs over the chairs and on occasion falls off. the windows look great. the nose prints will be back soon enough but i’ll hire them again.