grand central

          this last week has felt like we live at grand central station. have had more people coming and going this week since we’ve moved in. the patio people sent the fellow that will be taking out the window and installing a slider. he’ll be back monday. and grrr some how decided spur of the moment that since we’re going to have a nice useable patio we should have a nice back yard to enjoy while we’re drinking out coffee outside. 

          now we had talked and decided that the patio would be the last big project for a while. the house needs new insulated windows but we’d wait till next year. Yeah, right. however the back yard is now partially completed. still waiting for the new rocks to replace the dirty gravel we currently have but we now have 2 trees (thanks to a sale at Moon Valley). one is a bottle brush that will bloom red and the second is a jacaranda in purple. 

20190518 08420620190517 151747

and an area of 4 cactus, one about a foot high and 3 smaller ones. 

20190518 084220

grrr opted for no fruit trees.( we already have rats on occasion and don’t want to encourage them.). and in order to get the new plants to survive we now have a new underground watering system that automatically runs 3 days a week for 10 minutes each directly to each shrub, tree and plant.  we’re both shocked at the price of trees and cactus that grow naturally here. i would love to hava a Joshua tree but 400.00 for a 2 foot tree is out of our budget. 

          finally finished the green sampler quilt that has been such a struggle on Lola for the last 2 weeks. went to load the next one in line and the backing wasn’t big enough. Returned everything i had and suggested they offer a class in how and why long arm quilters need extra all the way aound. 

          have the loom at the studio completely warped. will start on sari silk place mats next week. 

          am slowly removing stuff the extra bedroom into the new room. refolding fabric so it will fit in the apple crates but am leaving 3 of the metal racks alone and just wheeling them in to live behind Lola. we found a place that delivers to rent a bed for the week the kids are here. need to round up a couple of pillows and blanket

          still fussing over choosing a design for the next item on the big loom. Had decided on 3 scarves in a mix of golds, yellows and creams but half way thru changed direction and went for much wider which will be shawls instead. it’s called using up the stash.  think i’ve settled on a threading pattern which i can change the treadling on for each item. have the warp chained up but all the loom tools are still stashed behind grrr’s recliner. need the hand cart to move the barrel and it’s at the condo. 

          speaking of condo. the company has arrived and currently are on their way back to Idaho for another load. Grrr was helping them pack their possessions into a storage unit and chuckled at the snow shovel they brought.  we did take time for a good visit. she has a job transfer lined up with a 30 day leave in-between which is flying by. they haven’t had time to look at houses yet. that’s the next step when they get back this coming week. but while they’re gone we had plans on taking more of our stuff out of the condo and we’ve run out of days of the week. i still have a closet stuffed with weaving and quilting and even bead supplies. and grrr still has clothing and lumber in the outside storage. 

          had taken Louie off his meds and promptly put him back on. the landscape people sent him into hiding. and they show up so early that he crawls in under the covers and wants to lay across my stomach for protection. he’s too heavy for that. this gets us both out of bed but the lazy beast goes back to bed after breakfast. it’s a hard life. 

20190515 093332

          am looking forward to the day when we won’t have workmen here and can just enjoy this place. 



and my take on the big political topic of the week. "Men cause 100% of all unwanted pregnancies so why is the burden of responsibility on women. Men are the root cause of this issue. we need to hold them responsible. "