Last Week Continued.

          Pretty much a re-run of last week. 5 doctor appointments in 4 days. i get thursdays off to spend at the studio. 

          we got called in the day before surgery to get the left eye re-measured. it keeps changing. next day we had the first cataract surgery. went well excpet they couldn’t use the toric lenses to correct the astigmatism. put in a regular lense.  he was expecting instant change (because he doesn’t listen to his doctor) but at the post op appointment she assured him it takes a little longer. This is 4 days past surgery and he’s noticeing a big difference. we’re doing drops in his eyes 4 times a day for a month and in a couple of weeks we get the other eye done. she’s not sure about using the toric but so far so good. 

          We’ve also been referrd to a kidney specialist by his GP. not sure what thats about yet. the RH doctor decided he doesn’t have rheumatoid arthritis. good news. he doesn’t have lupus. good news. But. . . . .his kidney count is too low to ignore. so we’re off to get more lab work done and meet with a new doctor. getting old sucks!

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          have spent no time in my room working on anything. have a stack of quilts from the club and was supposed to pick up another customer quilt wednesday but that didn’t happen. am aiming for time with Lola this weekend. need to un-stitch this quilt. was almost completed when i discovered a big pleat in the backing. spent yesterday taking it apart and today will be for starting over on it.  need to knock down the quilt count by one. 

          on the car accident there is good news to report. All State insurance finally located the fellow who hit the Honda. they felt with the damage to our car his should be worse but he spent a week avoiding their phone calls. they have agreed to pay the estimate from the repair shop we got. seems the photos i sent them were what decided that the damage was minor but the estimate from the shop gave the true damage. so they’re sending us an initial amount and then paying the balance directly to the repair shop. the car is going to have to wait until he can drive. i’ve done my bit. 

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          i’m still not watching the news. i dont’ find it difficult to believe we’ve had two mass shootings in 24 hours. If Sandy Hook 7 years ago and 20 little kids getting killed didn’t get any changes done nothing is going to make it happen now. this country loves it guns more than it loves it’s children. look at the poor educational system, look at the amount of child molesters and abusers,  look at the number of kids in the foster system.  and think about this for a minute. what kind of culture needs to send children to school with bullet proof back packs. 

          We deserve what’s happening by not valueing our kids. and i don’t want to hear comments about ‘well, you never had any kids’. no i didn’t, but i was a kid caught in the system where i had no value. so keep your comments to yourself. 

          that rant felt good.

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          it’s no wonder we have hair balls. he spends a lot of time ingesting hair and i spend a lot of time spot cleaning the carpet. but he does have great grooming habits. i’d hate to try to bath him. he even supervises my cleaning of his litter box. not sure what he’ do to me if i missed a day.