indian print

          it’s about time. she was gone for 5 weeks. but it wasn’t all bad. gave me a chance to sit and sew more tops to add to the rather large collection in the 2 totes that live under her frame.  Richard returned her this week and i finished the large top with Indian prints.  

             she still has a bug i need to work out. when i drive in one specific direction she skips stitches. figure it’s either one of the encoders or i need to turn the needle eye a smidge. it’s surprising how out of practice i get in such a short time. when Steven at 35th ave sewing called to tell me she was ready and what the bill would be he commented on what a perfect stitch she has. he was impressed. 

new glasses

          i got new glasses. i knew i needed an upgrade in the prescription. and after grrr got diagnosed with cataracts and his doctor said everybody gets them eventually i decided it was time to get checked out. so yes i needed a rx change. these weigh about a third of what my old pair does. much smaller frames and thinner lenses. vision centers need to figure out how allow patients to actually see what the frames are going to look like when trying them out. without lenses i can’t see myself in the mirror. with these i trusted the woman who was helping and i can’t say i’m delighted but their ok. and so far they don’t slip down my nose. They have prisms to help with the tracking problem and last night i got a nasty headache after about an hour. he had told me it would take time to adjust to them and if after 10 days i was still having problems to come back. he also told me for the first few days not to drive with them. the world does look much clearer and brighter. he made the commet that these would allow the eye muscles to relax. i don’t think they know how. so we’ll see. tried driving with them going to Phoenix yesterday. Wrong!. the road was moving even when i wasn’t. but it’s taking longer before the head ache starts. 

          spent a day at the studio. Corrected multiple threading and pattern errors. Then decided to re-sley the whole warp. much better. then wove samples of different possible weft choices. going to have to think some more about this. 


          and made a trip to my favorite fabric store. (5th Ave). glassit’s embarrassing to be purchasing more fabric but grrr wants a maze quilt and i have a pattern from years ago when i made a sample block for a pattern tester.   instead of his usual red/black and white this time he’s asking for a light and dark teal with black and tan for the shadows. 

          this coming week i’m already feeling like a squirrel. too many options to work on. in reality that’s a good problem to have. i’m never board. 


           and Louie has found a new nesting place. i know cats like to look ‘down’ on the rest of humanity but we’ve discovered that the top of the frig gets a direct breeze from the A/C. and in these temps i can’t blame him. 


          and it’s not often i get a glimpse of the size of his back feet. extra toes and all. normal cats have 4 toes on back  and 5 on the front. he has 5 on each back and before surgery he had 7 on front paws. 

          the weather folks are still talking monsoons. Waiting. Waiting. waiting. 

Later maggie