lola’s home

          We never anticipated moving that machine would be so hard. had been told ’ no’ by 5 different companies.  However, my project manager from Yourson construction (can't say enough good things about that company) knew some one who had a long arm moved. he made a few calls on my behalf and i struck gold. 35th Ave sew and vac is my savior. they’d never moved an innova but told me it can’t be that different so it got done. and the price was reasonable. that store has my undying loyalty.   

          the issue with the ceiling outlet still not resolved . have the lazer and computer re-installed. Have re-attach all the parts and pieces. and for some reason i had to re-time. can’t figure out why but she’s now running like a dream. today i’ll bring a tote of my own tops and batting and mount a top to practice on just in case there’s an issue. then i can be back in business. have owned that machine for one year and according to the computer i’ve done a total of 59 quilts. 

          next on the list is a handyman to re-hang cone racks, my airplane prop, attach the wire racks to the wall (they have a definite outward lean to them) and other assored items.

          today i’m packing up the weaving closet at the condo. we’ve decided to hire a mover to haul the big items still there like the quilt rack, several chests of drawers.  i’ll get everything boxed and ready.  plus i need to go over the carpet for pins. we have company staying there as of the 10th of may. this way Lucy (their dog) can have the run of the place. it’s going to be so nice not to have to drive back and forth.  for a year all i’ve heard was ‘you’re never home.” now grrr will be complaining that i’m always under foot.

          this is a photo of my washington studio space. i’m mentally making a resolution that i won’t let this new space get to the point of chaos like this one did. the scary thing is i’m very comfortable working amid this mess. only a corner post of the longarm shows in the lower right which is just as well.  it was probably covered in quilt tops being auditioned for pattern ideas.  i’ sold several of these looms before we moved so that should help. 

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          have been having a medical issue with my right knee.  this is the leg i’ve broken several times over the years, had parts replaced 30 years ago and lately it’s been giving me problems.  discovered a golf ball size lump and got into the doctor right away. Had multiple xrays and an ultra sound to determine exactly what it is. at this point we know it’s not a blood clot and none of the screws have migrated. they’re labeling it unidentified.  which tells me it’s going to have to come out. damn!!!   this getting old sucks!  

he's just never happy

          Grrr is doing well on his prednisone. telling everyone he feels like he’s 60 years old again. 

          still waiting on the patio people to start. guess i’ll have to start pestering them. Louie spends the majority of his time in the studio sitting by his cat door waiting. 

          this photo is not actually Louie. it’s a look-a-like i found on the internet. But this guy has the identical expression.  that direct scowl right into your heart.  that haughty expression, pissy attitude and all the fluff that he leaves in tuffs all over the floors. i’m only allowed to brush him for about a minute at time. he’s just never happy. life is tough for all of us. 

          and the doctors who have looked at my knee have all lectured me on toxic cat bites and cat scratch fever due to the bites and scratches on my legs. so yes, he’s still playing gorilla warfare on my bare skin.