Merry Christmas

          and if you don’t celebrate Christmas have a happy whatever holiday you celebrate. we’re keeping it low key. Grrr’s cooking a ham and we’re spending the day watching feel good christmas movies. No gifts, figure a new roof over our heads is enough.  No tree because we don’t want to test Louie. my mental picture of that disaster is to be avoided. Grrr talks about a rumba vaccuum and i’m not into it. i’m posting a photo of what one of these can do to a warp and since he removed the door to the studio there’d be no keeping it out of my room. 

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          finally finished the giant quilt that’s been on Lola for a month. the new backing was delivered and it could finally get workd on.  still took 3 days working on it. very well done, soft and muted.  sorry the stitching pattern doesn’t show. i did a simple flowing leaf pattern with a pastel blue thread. it turned out well. 

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          now i’m struggling to adjust to a new Mac. My old one finally gave up. at 10 years old it’s tired. and just like my doctor, the geek squad told me they can’t fix old age. it’s not upgradeable any longer.  and of course my most used applications won't work on the new either.  even the mouse acts  differently!  i took the old one in and they moved over what they could but am going to have find new  applicaitons; my inventory package,  my web site builder, my passwords and my signature lines won’t move. damn!!!  made a decision on a new website builder.  the learning curve is steep. so it’s going to be awhile. i’m struggling with re-building the weavers site but nothing is publishable yet. i’ve used my existing software for years and it’s not supported any longer either so this is being written on the old Mac  (for as long as it lasts. ) the other applications will wait until i do some research. 

          have warps on both looms and now that this quilt is done i need to get on those. have way too many ideas lined up in my head. did finish two more tapestry samples. have one more lined up. brought my teachers box back from the studio. emptied out the floor loom teaching items and info and re-stocked it with tapestry related stuff. Need to call the students on the sign up sheet to verify when and where and what they need to bring. 

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          Looking forward to this coming week.  i should be able to get some of my unfinished projects completed.  no obligations, no meetings.  and grrr’s been spending the majority of his time in the shop making sawdust or watching football.  since his eye surgeries he’s so much happier. 

          this is a cutting board and matching wine glass rack he made as a sample to show a potential customer. taking the photo on the coffee table was not optimal but it’s where he parked it. 


          Louie turned 3 this last month. he’s probably as mellow as he’s going to get. and he’s gotten much bigger in the last year. his bad attitude has not improved and always shows on his face. He has gotten more social and comes out to visit whenever there’s company. and he’s never attacked anyone but me. and only if i’m barefoot. still haven’t figured out what the issue is but i’m on guard when i walk away from him. Am seldom fast enough to smack him when he draws blood but he’s learned to expect it and generally leaves the room. explained to him wy he’s not getting a christmas gift. you can see from his expression he wasn’t impressed. 

20191221 115738


          He’s such a dainty little thing. All 14 pounds of him. 

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                 Merry Christmas