More waiting

Realized this week that we’ve been in this house 1 year as of March 1st. and we’re not done making changes. 

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          made a Lowe’s run this week. we haven’t been spending near the time there we have in the past. purchased 3 fans for the new studio space. course there’s no ceiling in there yet but the wiring is hanging down just waiting for the inspection. they warned us the inspections are what take the most time. Waiting. waiting. 

           have managed to get a pile of my own quilts quilted these last couple of weeks. out of 7 quilts - one got donated still needing binding. 3 are completely done, one binding is pinned and waiting and the last 2 are waiting to find appropriate fabric for the final step. 

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          the third quilt i’m saving for another blog hop event next month. 

          spent a day in Phoenix at a spinal center for grrr’s sciatic pain.  he’s scheduled for a MRI this next week.  from there we’ll have some decisions to make.  poor guy is gimping around here like an old man.  and i’m asking him to help me move looms. i bribe him with pain meds. 

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          baby wolf loom is warped and at the weavers studio. spent saturday at the workshop learning a new technique. beiderwand or as we’re calling it split-shed. Deborah Silver from Ohio teaches this nationally and we hired her for the weekend as she was passing thru Arizona. check out her website good teacher and interesting structure. i see lots of potential for experimenting.  had to weave a header and check for errors the day before the workshop.  this is the first time i’ve ever warped a loom by flash light and am pleased there was only one thread that needed fixing. will post pictures next time. the loom is still at the club. that’s todays chore is to get it home. have about one inch to finish weaving my picture of a pear. not what i’d of chosen but you've got to learn on something. Great potential for color blending.  she does lots of art type things and remarkable faces. this one is probably my favorite. 

           got the condo ready for habitation. the workshop leader (Deborah) is staying there until her next teaching gig. clean sheets, fresh towels, coffee stocked up, ice cube maker turned on. i’ll figure out what i’ve forgotten when she gets there.

          finally got some cactus dirt and filled the planter that one of the weavers gifted me for a house warming present. looks like i could have used a second bag but until then it’ll work. 

                  and of course my own grumpy cat. 

20190308 093129

          just because i get up doesn’t mean he has to. at least he opened his eyes to let me know he’s still alive. he generally waits until he hears me in the kitchen. i get my coffee and he gets a can of bird. only bird meat. chicken is top of his list, turkey will do but definately no fish, no beef and heaven forbid nothing with any vege’s in it. he gets a can a day plus all the dry he can eat and he’s still thin.