New Roof

          as i write this we have 9 men tromping around on the roof, ripping the old one off and hauling pounds of new shingles up the ladders. the weather co-operatoed just long enough so they had time between rain storms to get this done. with 9 guys they’re telling us it will be done today and they will come clean up tomorrow.  seems like the monsoon season has just re-scheduled itself to november and december. for the last week we’ve had a blue tarp over half the house. classy.  by the time we’re done fixing/repairing/replacing this will be a whole new house. 

          i’m tired of it!  and i found out today so are the neighbors!

          and when these guys are done, next dry period, the same company will be painting the outside. Louie has gone into hiding. don’t blame him. we couldn’t stand the noise either so went out for breakfast. 

          this week has been spent being social. lots of company and visiting and holiday cheer. No christmas shopping.  we’re getting a roof for our christmas. had a big  argument over what color.  Grrr voted for black mixed with a small amount of white. i voted for white that will reflect the sun. i keep telling him our a/c bill will be go up considerably but he isn’t believing me. he won - so looking forward to a ‘i told you so’ moment this next summer. 

20191128 122655

          Condo is all freshly painted, carpet got cleaned and we’re set to sign the papers with a realtor next week. 

20191128 111110


          these are the current warps being worked on. the light color is really lavender. it’s going to be a baby blanket. there will be a second one that will be dark blue because the warp is hand dyed and moves from lavender to navy.  the red warp is on the wolf loom and there will be 3 different scarves of varies shades of reds. just completed 2 scarves that need cleaning up and fringing. 

          lola is still on vacation.

          and i’m still working on tapestry samples in the evening while watching tv. pix to come later. have the handouts written until i think of what i need to add. so far have 7 students on the list. 

          had to drive to Phoenix for a high def cat scan. between construction and traffic i was late. then the hospital was so large i couldn’t find where i was supposed to be. toured the parking lot until i found a MRI sign. they check you in like you’re going to stay and send you with a guide to where you are supposed to be. got the pictures taken, then they guided me to the exit which was not the same one i came in.  couldn’t find my car. Seriously. i have a seahawk flag on the car but never realized how many cars have flags. i’d guess about 40%. hiked miles thru that parking lot before i found MY flag.  ltoo much exercise on my cranky knee. 

          So far for christmas we’ve hung a wreath on the front door. even thou i water it most days the needles are already falling off and we’re tracking them in. that’s what i get for buying a real one. Grrr aske why plastic. bad question! i’m a snob about real vs fake. and yes technically it’s a waste of money becuase i’ll just have to throw it out after the holiday but it smells good in the meantime. 

goof ball cat

          Louie is such a goof ball!  he lays on the bed and i stop by to visit when i pass the door way.   this is how he greets me. the toll is a belly rub. 

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till next time.