No Big News

          Grrr survived his RA appointment. had blood work done and is scheduled for a bone density test. we’re weaning him off the prednisone meds and onto a different medication that he takes once a week. so far he hasn’t complained about the pain returning. 

          i have half a 17-18 yard warp wound on the loom here at the house and the loom at the studio is on the last place mat. just needs the last hem woven.  have another warp planed. next thursday is 4th of July but i’m going to be open over there. we don’t have any other plans other than shopping over the weekend. stores are advertising furniture sales and the patio is still empty. i don’t want chairs on wheels and Grrr doesn’t want a glass top table. That pretty much covers it. we’ll see whats available and pick from there. 


          did finish the paper pieced blocks. now to decide if i want to pull the paper off before i sew them together or after. it’s such a messy job. the lower photo is the pile of tencel and silk shawls i completed last week. just need to twist the fringe, clean up loose threads and wash and they’re ready to find new homes. 



          we did spend 2 evenings watching the debates and then i went online and did some fact checking. the majority were right on. these folks probably knew they’d be fact checked pretty closely. did pick out some favorites to watch but it’s so early anything could happen. 


          these guys go on alert but seldom run. i did take the photo thru the patio screen but had opened the window which is when he sat up and paid attention. we had baby quail for a while but seems they went missing several days ago. coyotes eat well around here. there are a few baby bunnies and small jacks but they have to be ready to hide. 



            Found this picture of a remarkable cat on FB. I’d take him home without a second thought. 

          we’ll be staying close to the A/C this weekend. predicted to be at least 110. i should be able to get lots done. 

          Louie says hi to his fans and wants everyone to stay safe in this heat. It’s hot enough he isn’t spending time out on his cat tree.