Not Yet

          still waiting for the final inspection. have now been told it’s due Monday.  the door to the garage got changed out which means they also had to do a repair on the frame and wall. seems fire doors are a tad larger than regular people doors.  so the wall and frame have been repaired and now needs painting. 

          we’ve found a work around for the plug in the ceiling so the fan won’t mangle to cord.  outside has all been cleaned up and looks good. 

          We’ve made the decision as to which company will be doing the patio. he was on a job when we called friday so expect to hear back on monday. am praying it won’t take nearly as long as the studio room. i want Louie moved out of my bathroom. 

          spent the morning at Ikea.  there’s only one store in the state of arizona. and it is amazing!!!  it’s so much bigger than the one we shopped at which is just across the Canadian border. it’s only 2 floors and fortunately they have maps and women in aprons that are very helpful.  we purchased a honda car load of apple crates from Ikea that Grrr needs to assemble for storage along the far wall.  he built three in his shop and determined that ikea was way cheaper.  his are prettier but when i get them full not much will be showing. 

           so far this is what mageez room looks like. 2 looms and assorted furniture. and am waiting for a call back on Lola’s moving date. then start moving boxes and unpacking. 

20190411 140411

          attended a ‘Celebration of Life’ for Janet Thompson this week. her death was sudden and surprised us all. Learned a lot about her from the large group of friends and family in attendance. Besides this display board they had pieces of her weaving for guests to admire. she had taken several classes from me and last summer met me in the parking lot every Thursday to get into the  studio. we had a regular group of thursday weavers and she never missed a week. She also had a great  color sense. found out she had a background in stained glass that she never mentioned. She was very active at the Banner Olive Senior Center, handled the front desk and worked on menu planning. she’s the person that informed grrr and i about getting prepared meals there while i was all crippled up with shoulder surgeries. her sister in law will be finishing her current warp she left on one of her looms. and a big topics of discussion among her family was who was going to get Zoey. a very spoiled Havanese.  

          have been spending time sewing quilt blocks but nothing is completed enough to show. at this point it’s a way to use time productively since i can’t weave.  have multiple projects in my head but can’t even locate materials i’d need for warps. frustration.  and i know the minute i put a top on Lola she’ll need to be moved. 


           Louie says Hi and wants everyone to know what a mean mom i am by not letting him outside. The outer door in the studio has a window that is the entire length of the door and is full of cat nose prints. when i walk thru that room he grabs my pant legs and tries to drag me over towards the door. when that doesn’t work he’ll sit and stare at me all the while mentally yelling at me for ignoring what he wants.