nothing accomplished

HOT.  It’s just too hot. i’ve taken up naps in the afternoon. temps are getting up past 110 and it completely wipes both of us out. trying to do all my errands in the morning (and i’m not a morning person).  Grrr has always taken naps and i did while i was recovering from shoulder surgeries but usually i’m busy and spend the day in my studio doing whatever. i still have stuff to do but it can all wait. funny thing is that no matter the temperature my shoulders get cold. i nap with a light weight shawl over my shoulders.  and the forecast is more of the same. 


          and i know this is a day late but my Macintosh has been in the hospital somewhere i managed to pickup ‘ alware and redirects’ according to my Geek at Best Buy. i’ve always been told mac’s just dont do that but it seems they do. i now have trend micro installed plus the geek squad at Best Buy vaccuumed it out. it’s almost 10 years old and i was scared they were going to tell me it needed replacing. but after doing some fixing and cleaning it up inside it works like new.  told me the dust inside was awful. 

          Grrr had his second (right eye) cataract taken care of. no issues, no problems.  putting drops in both eyes now. they gave me a chart to keep track - good thing because it gets confusing. which eye at what time and which bottle of drops. his vision is clearing up a little more each day. when they took the patch off he was able to read 4 lines on the chart with only one mistake. i’ve never seen him be able to do that before.  Hurray! 

          took his honda in for repairs. turns out it was even more than the shop’s estimate. but so far the all state insurance has been easy and pleasant to deal with. We pick it up on monday. 


          Only have half a quilt done. decided to use the same stipple pattern and thread i used on the last one. besides i can do this pattern with my eyes closed. it’s been on lola long enough it’s getting dusty.  Plus washed and hemmed 6 linen towels from my gilmore loom. will be taking them in for quality control at the studio. have about 6 more still on the loom. 

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          no rants this week. it’s too hot to get worked up about anything except the heat. it’s a surprise when i get so many responses and reactions when i go off on a personal tangent. Seems my issues are more universal than i think. 

          and Louie. i need to start carrying the spray bottle in the studio now. we seem to have the attack mode in the bedroom handled. now he’s gotten extremely territorial about the studio room. not sure if he wants my sole attention while i’m in there or if he wants me out of his space. Whatever it is i have the scabs on my legs to prove he’s not a happy beast. too bad i don’t have any kitty prosac left from when Gus was alive.