one step forward, two steps back

          house news - this place is slowly coming together in between major set backs. 
had shelving all stocked with fabric in the sewing room. then the shelves collapsed. bought metal shelves at Lowes (my favorite go-to store) and am starting over. what a mess. this is a before and after photo. 

IMG 20180317 141326614IMG 20180221 140239260

          at this point we need to get the new shelves assembled but for now i’ve just closed the door.  a friend and i are planning on making a day of building shelves and re-stocking fabrics. 

          tomorrow we're expecting the plumber. at this moment the house has no water. seems there’s a leak under the cememt slab. had a modern day ‘ water witch’ here with her hi-tech equipment and now have black tape marking carpet and walls of exactly where the pipes are. had commented to Grrr it’s nice when you turn the hot water on in the bathroom and it’s instantly hot even thou you’re on the other end of the house from the hot water tank.  That’s just WRONG!  plumber was here and gave us our options - one of which was they rip up the carpet, jack hammer the cement foundation and replace the plumbing. the option we’re going with is to block all the existing plumbing and have everything plumbed thru the ceiling. still a major mess and more expensive but he pointed out that it’s an old house with old plumbing and we fix this leak and down the road we’re bound to have another.   i ’m so over this house. 

          the landscape guy is supposed to be here this week for major pruning and repair of the sprinkler system.. (we have rats nesting under the really thick hedges.) 

          we’ve dealt with cockroaches blocking the plumbing.  mice (both dead and live) eating all the wiring in the train. (which is the a/c and heating unit) 
          i’m running away to the condo to quilt a customer quilt. Grrr gets to deal with this crap. 
my recommendation is don’t buy a house that has been vacant for several years. 

IMG 20180311 092918208

          and on the Louie news. i learned how to clip a cats toe nails yesterday. he didn’t like it but didn’t fight me. Did go pout for a while when i was done. and of course he prefers to nest on the clean folded laundry.