progress has been made

the new patio has been started. (Finally)

                                      we have to let the cement cure for a week.   


this is how they left it with instructions that we water it several times over the next couple of days. 

          now we’re discussing if they’re going to take the window out and replace it with a slider before the outer walls go up or do the walls go up first. i vote for walls first so Louie can’t escape. but i’ll live with whatever the company decides to do. 

          have continued to move into my room. took bags of weaving cottons to the club and left them for others to take and use. i’m never going to live long enough to use everything I’ve collected over the years. decided to take it in rather than have people come here. We’re in the midst of more chaos again. the handy man hung my cone racks, my prop and my damask girls . still needs to anchor the wire racks to the wall. i know they don’t have earth quakes here but. . .  they would make a hell of a mess if they came down.  today he’s replacing the front door that doesn’t fit and fix the doorbell. 

          grrr’s high school friend and his wife arrived last night and are staying at the condo. still haven’t moved all the way out yet but he drives a truck so will be asking for help transporting several items i need moved. besides a lot of boxes. but the floor is picked up and it’s safe for Lucy. 

20190508 105108

          i warned Louie when i got out of bed that he was on a downward slide. he ignored me and several minutes later the whole comforter slid to the floor with him on it. looked at me like it was my fault and stomped out of the room.  i’ve taken him off the CBD oil to see how he does with a new batch of workmen here. so far he’s fine. sits on the top of his cat tree and watches. but when they start taking out the living room wall and putting in a slider he’ll go back on his meds. that’s exactly where his favorite cat tree sits and he’s not going to be a happy cat. what am i saying - he’s never happy.