progress is slow!

20190524 040025

          We now have a sliding glass door that replaced one of the big windows in the living room.  The patio cement is poured and set and at the end of the month the walls are scheduled to be put up. and last night in the dark there was some kind of critter out there and Louie, the angry hunter, ran smack into the glass attempting to protect his territory or have a snack. not sure which. thumped his head hard, looked at me like it was my fault and left the room. next morning he bit me to the point that Grrr had to bandage the back of my calf. i’m blaming that on Grrr. he came in and rousted us both out of bed way too early. i had thoughts of biting some body too. 

          have made several more loads from the condo while the company were in Idaho for a second load, but i can only get 6 boxes in my car at a time. these are large boxes and if i fill them completely then i can’t lift them. so it’s a slow process. they’re now back so i don’t feel as free to go over there and load up so it’s going to take even longer. But he has a truck so i plan on asking to fill it up when their life slows down. they haven’t had time to even look at houses yet. 

          the kids will arrive the first week in June and the guest room is nearly empty. need to make a trip to the thrift shop to donate items i purchased there several years ago. example: ironing board. don’t need 2 of them. 

          will also be advertising several bigger items related to weaving. a Leclerc warping board and an umbrella swift, also Leclerc. bought new for the condo and now i have 2 of each. these are the newer ones that need a home. thrift store wouldn’t even know what they are. 

          no sewing or even quilting this week. have 2 customer quilts waiting but was told no hurry so i’m taking them at their word. have been unpacking and trying to find places to stow everything. 

          grrr’s doing well on his steroids. at my appointment last week after hearing my cough and gravely voice it got their attention (again) . am now lined up for allergy testing. in the mean time i’m taking some kind antihistamine and antibiotic that doesn’t want me to sleep and i walk around feeling slightly nauseated all the time. this getting old sucks! 

          have been weaving at the studio. these will be place mats. am using carpet warp threaded twill and skeins of sari silk i’ve had floating around for years. 

          also spent my birthday winding and sleying my big loom here at the house. doesn’t look like much yet but the colors glow. will be 3 shawls, in tencel, each with a different weft color and probably treadling. but as of now this is as far as i got. then Grrr took me to mighty moo ice cream parlor for my birthday treat. 

          i’m filling my new room up fast. i promise it will look better once everything is unpacked and put away. i still have an idustrial clothing rack full of completed quilts. (am thinking it will live in the guest room.) and a chest of drawers full of threads for Lola. All the beads and paraphernalia are in my bedroom in the roll top desk. 


          so today i’m cleaning off Lola’s table and at least getting a start on the customer quilt. am feeling guilty, have had it for a week and haven’t even unrolled it yet. 

found a quote on FB. 

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But Grrr took the door off. i’m in trouble!