we hit the sales looking for patio furniture. Shopping and decision making is hard when it’s this hot. And who would of thought that finding patio furniture would be so difficult. first store had really nice stuff. only 2 wood tables, (both eucalytus wood and also available in teak) and they were both larger than grrr wanted. Although the room is big enough that they would have worked well but the price was a shocker.  and the chairs. very nice and he fell in love with a swivel/rocker will big canvas seat and backing for just over 900.00. course the table was over a grand.  Grrr wants the chairs to match and at these prices that’s not going to happen. at least the chair i preferred was only 400.00. can’t deny that the quality was excellent but this is for a patio. we thanked the sales man and moved on. 

          second stop was the patio place that was affiliated with the company that build the patio. way way down in Phoenix. their web site was really deceiving. their primary sales were for hot tubes and barbque pits. very little furniture selection. they verified their discount and prices were much better but they only had 1 wood table (600.00) and none of the chairs really caught our attention. he told us they were getting the new designs in come august and suggestd we come back then. we’ll see. it was getting late so we came home. ready to check out 2-3 more places today. 

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          we did get some more art work for the walls. grr’s been complaining that the kitchen walls are bare. i’ll show that next week along with his wooden piece he made for a contest. These 2 pieces hang in the entry way.  the red goes with the area rug and the painting over the sofa. we’d talked about having a quilt there but i’ve never gotten around to making it and i’ve noticed that in the year we’ve lived here that wall is where people put their hands. folks come in, take their shoes off ( i’ve never figured out why.) and brace their hand on that wall. it already showed hand prints.  nobody will want to do that now. will have to pay attention and see how they change behavior. 

          we also have the solar tube lighting in the living room. i’m disappointed. thought it would be brighter in there.  maybe we should have gone with a bigger one bt at least it does not get a strobe effect from the fan. that was my big concern. 

          have been weaving away on my run linen/cotton dish towels. slow and boring. this is as far as i’ve gotten. 2 towels out of a long list of colors. 


           and managed to finish the patriotic quilt i’ve been struggling with. the baby lock was giving me grief. took several tries but i managed to fix it and we’re both happier now.  



          have decided to put a temperature quilt on my ‘to do’ list. i’ve been seeing a lot of them pop up on blogs and pinterest.  i do have a color run of fabrics that were in the condo closet.  next comes the decisions on temperature ranges with the appropriate colors. 

          Lola is still waiting for her part. Seems ABM is questioning why 35th Ave is working on an Innova. they feel it should have been returned to an authorised dealer. talking with them if we’re ever in this position again i’ll order the part sent to me. for now just mail the damn part. 

          and my major success this week was finishing the warp at the studio. got 9 sari silk place mats plus a short sample. they’re folded across the ironing board. tried to show the differences in the weft. will do a straight stitch across the plain weave hems to reinforce before i cut them apart and actually hem them. 2 already have a home. the rest will be washed and put up for sale. 


          this isn’t Louie but it’s exactly what happens when i try to discipline him. except he more often goes for my ankles. that finger is a direct challenge.  

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          no major fireworks in our neighborhood so that didn’t freak him out but we did have a big helicopter cruising around Friday morning and he refused to go into the patio. would like to know what they were looking for.