Small Steps

20190501 122840

          Did my first quilt since Lola got re-set up.  had a few issues but everything was fixable. finished this quilt and donated it without binding to the club.  the tension needed tweeking. the thread was breaking. she was skipping stitches.  Discovered that when they had extended the cord across the ceiling they’d moved wires along the back of the machine. one was moving the encoder back there. 

          this is the next in line. Not mine thank goodness. who ever made this has no clue as to how to measure borders. i quilt what i get and if there are tucks, pleats or other issues it’s not mine to fix. and this one has it all. 

20190503 092923

          also in this pix you can see a short strip of electrical cord running down the wall behind the machine. the electrician extended the cord to the corner of the ceiling and brought it down the wall. works perfectly. the outlets that were dead had never been switched on in the circuit breaker box. 

          Have a handyman coming monday to hang cone racks, my airplane prop and to anchor the wire racks to the wall and a bunch of other misc chores.  Grrr doesn’t do ladders. 

          finally got a pix of a couple of jacks out back. there was a baby with them but couldn’t get it included in the shot. ignore the neighbor’s ceramic ducks. no self respecting duck would live out there. no water. 

20190501 115425


          and we have quail eggs. the port-a-potty company came and picked it up. he knocked on the door and let me know there was a nest under one corner. didn’t think i could move the eggs so covered them up with a box and cut a hole for a door. that lasted until the garbage men took the box. have since discovered she’s not bothering to sit the eggs. just laying them. we started out with 5 and last count there are 11. not sure how long it’s going to take before the coyotes get them or i have to throw out rotten eggs. 

          Have started putting a warp on a studio loom but still unable to make a decision as to what to put on my home looms. i’m like a squirrel trying to cross the road. way too many options.  Besides i still haven’t unpacked what i have here or even put much away. still have weaving stuff all over between here and the condo. 

          on the knee problem. it’s not a blood clot. it’s not migrating screws. it’s an unidentified mass. duh! i told them that when i made the appointment. Anyway - no one’s excited about it so we’re watching it for changes. so i just limp around for a while. 

          and Louie has a new hidding place. He naps here and can keep an eye on what i’m doing. we only have 2 apple crates filled with fabric until grrr gets the base made and moved under the crates to get them off the floor. 

till next time.