stash sale is done

          attended a meeting for ‘low vision’ folks early in the week.  a fellow weaver who is nearly blind invited me to bring grrr. the speaker Mike, was amazing. lost his sight as a teen and his message is don’t let bad or non exsistent vision hold you back. the man is a mountain climber, teaches karate and works for a low vision. uses an Apple Watch for nearly everything. this group meets monthly and now that grrr knows where it’s at he can attend on his own. 

          spent a day at the condo with the Innova dealer. got Lola turned around facing a different direction so the light and fan aren’t in my field of vision when i’m working. got the laser attached, the tablet fixed.  that’s a whole nother story. when the tablet was giving me fits ABM tech told me that it was a bad USB port. at the time i agreed. since then i’ve plugged in different flash drives and the tablet was fine so i determined that the problem was in the cable that is hard wired into the machine head. (wrong again.) there is a part in the bag of parts that comes with the machine. it’s a usb with a small box labeled ‘amazon’ on it. i had looked at it and wondered but assumed that since i don’t have all the high tech stuff on the machine i didn’t need it. and when the machine was installed by the dealer no one mentioned it. long story short - that little ‘amazon’ plug is some kind of converter that goes between the tablet and machine head. Magic!!! it loads every time now. 

          course this week i haven’t even been over there. did return a top that didn’t fit the back they’d sent with it but that’s as far as quilting has gotten this week. 

IMG 20180414 145836109IMG 20180414 145939840

          this week the focus has been on emptying the patio. all boxes of books are shelved. file cabinet is stuffed. (someday i’m going to have to sort thru that stuff. ) the few things left are the warpping mill and Louie’s cat box. Grrr wants to start looking for patio furniture and i’m insisting we wash the screens, repair the loose screen (before Louie notices) and wash the carpeting in there first. then we can go furniture shopping. 

IMG 20180414 150130308

          stash sale was earlier today. had a good crowd. even had folks walk in off the street asking if we were having an estate  sale. Grrr told them if they wern’t a weaver they wouldn’t be interested.  plus i had weavers show up just to see the stash. started out with 7 overflowing totes and 5 completely full cone racks.  now have 4 empty totes. great progress!  cone racks are about half empty and the remaining 3 totes contain a combination of everything. i’ll fill up the cone racks and the remaining totes will just have to be stored in my bedroom closet. could have sold my weight in carpet warp. didn’t have any to start with and had to guard my boxes of linen but the room is looking better. i’m determinded to make it work. 

          no Louie photos. several of the weavers tried to coax him out of hiding. but about 10:00am is his bed time.  he wanders out about 3pm all squinty eyed and stretching and looking for food. the life of a cat!