podiatrist dr had a much better attitude this week after looking at the mri pictures. we talked about possible solutions starting with the worst which would be surgery. i rejected that until we try everthing else. next was therapy - he rejected that. felt it would make things worse. i agree. he’s not sure what is causing the problem. could possibly be arthritis, a tear in the tendon that is growing scar tissue, several other possibilities i’m not even thinking about.  so i’m following his instructions and reporting back in 6 weeks. i’m to wear 2 inch heels, stop using ice. use heat instead. no stairs, no hills, no ladders, avoid extra walking and don’t stretch that ankle. 

IMG 20180513 102131715

          have made some weaving progress on the loom at the club. it’s  partially warped. people are appaled at the tangled mess but it’ll all work out. on the home front i wove the first cotton carpet warp towel at 17 epi. cut it off, washed and dried on hot. the reed marks went away but it’s not quite right. going to bump it up to 18 for the next one. the plan is a run of towels to match my kitchen. you can see from the photo my kitchen must be blue. i tossed the orange in just cause i like orange. 

          haven’t been to the condo but that’s where i’ll spend today. ordered a new to me thread to try. Read about it online. lola and her software have been working wonderfully. 

          Ahh,  the sad story of the shower rod - had a new tile guy here. this seriosly is 11th attempt to hang that rod. i’ve come to the conclusion that it falls down because the a/c unit is on the outside of that wall. if you’re touching the toilet when the a/c starts up you can feel a slight vibration. that’s my theory. Nobody agrees with it. However since i honestly don’t do pull up on it why does it continually come down. i don’t even hang towels on it. this guy didn’t want to drill into the tile either. he used a glue that he swears will hold a building up in an earthquake. i don’t believe it will work but. . . . .

IMG 20180507 130246946

          we got a few more pieces of art work up. except looking at in the picture it looks crooked. one of these days when grrr’s not being growly i’ll ask to have it straightened. it has the same curves and colors as the throw rug so i bought it. the room needs more red. one of these days i’ll make a red wall quilt. 

          it’s my 70th birthday next week. as often as grrr tells me it’s just another day some how it’s not. never believed it’d live to be this age.