the promise of lower temps

          i’m trying hard to belive that the temperature is going to drop. they’re telling us this next week will stay in the 90’s. i’m determinded to make a temperature quilt come January. not sure what color should be assigned to temps over 115. we’ve had a couple of those.  white maybe?  the weather screens on tv show it as hot pink. i want a color that shows your clothing melting.

          have been working on lap size quilts on Lola. Have 3 ready to be delivered. basically i’m avoiding doing the giant one that’s waiting in line. 

20190902 12294920190901 115622

          didn’t get a photo of this one with the quilting on it. was really hard to pick a color of thread. finally settled on gray. 

          still weaving dish towels. am bored. wish i’d run out of warp on that loom. 

          and in the evening i’ve been working on beads. getting a little bored with the crochet too. time to work on a different type of structure. 

20190904 10244920190904 102604

             have a drawer full of beautiful cabochons that need to be set in a bezel and attached to a necklace of some kind. making the decision on what kind of necklace is the hard part.  string beads, woven beads, beaded spirals, a leather thong.  whatever.  still have all that stuff at the condo. thinking that’s next on my list.

          speaking of condo. the movers were supposed to be here yesterday delivering the big items from the condo that we’ve decided to keep. the bed for the guest room. the quilts and the huge garment rack that displays the finished quilts and one chest of drawers (that’s full of beads). then i need boxes to clean out the closet of weaving and quilting fabrics and the clothing closet frull of towels and bedding.

          thought it was all planned but didn’t happen but they’ve moved out and spent the night in their new house. which makes me feel comfortable going over there and emptying both closets. not sure what Grrr has planned for moving the big stuff or even any kind of time line. 

          Grrr's eyes are doing so well. i’m delighted. he’s talking about driving to washington or maybe oklahoma next month.  one more week of eye drops and then he’ll be getting new glasses. 

20190903 131432

          Louie’s being a brat. he knows i want to take a photo and he’s refusing to look at me. even after Grrr walked around the chair and made weird noises and snapped his fingers my bratty cat refused to co-operate. no kitty treats for him tonight.