this week flew by

          between doctor appointments i really don’t need, meetings with the bank, time with the contractor and time at the weavers studio i’m not sure what comes next. 

          dr apts:  i need new head gear for the c-pap. it’s not easy here like it is in washington. make a call, take your item to be replaced in and pick up new. not here! here it takes 4 different appointments. am hoping once i’m established as a user it will be simplier. 

          Bank: i know the world has changed but 4 - 6 weeks for a simple loan is ridiculous! years ago the same bank financed my buying a house. whole process took a week. The people i was purchasing from banked there, i banked there. we went in together (no realtor involvement). they sold it, i bought it. this is  a first for applying for a loan using face time. Anyway we  were able to gather all the paperwork they required by the next day and scanned it to them. now to wait. 

          Contractor; we chose Yourson construction. i’ve been assigned my own project manager (whose name i can’t remember). we paid for the architectural plans which are currently being drawn up. i know it’s going to be a long haul. 

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          weaving time:  completed the 3 silk/alpaca shawls on my home loom. fringed, washed and pressed. they are at the studio to be judged by the quality control person. will get photos when they get put up for sale. This pix is of the underside of one of them. all 3 are very neutral shades of beige, tan and gray. 

          loom at the studio has one more day of work on the warp and then it too is done. it’s unmercerized cotton meant to be dish towels and maybe will have a few. am also thinking of cutting it up and making some kind of bags. the circle patterns tend to come and go because of my color choices so i don’t consider it a success. 

          Board meeting; will be spending time building a web site for the studio. the sun city rcsc has a web page for each club located here but we can’t access them to make changes or corrections. so far all i’ve accomplished is getting a domain name; ‘’. tried for something similar starting with fiber. seems fiber anything is already taken. it’s been a long time since my web building days. need to find out if we have anykind of logo. this is basically replacing the current newsletter who’s editor has retired. 

          next week is the teachers meeting. am working on a series called ‘the next step’ which would follow Jan’s beginning class. transitioning people from the table looms to floor looms. the lecture demo’s we’ve done in the past just aren’t enough. folks needs hands on. i learned a lot about what is wanted/needed by working over there this summer and listening to what the new weavers don’t know. 

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           this photo is Lucy. one of the house guests we had last week. i had to ask for a picture since i forgot to take one. This does not show her profile.  the eyelashes on this pup are at least an inch long.  thick and lush. she’s a sweetie and very well behaved. too bad Louie didn’t like her. 

          off to the condo. Lola has been on ignore for the last couple of weeks. i’m sure the quilt that’s mounted is probably dusty by now. 



i keep telling myself’ slow progress is better than no progress’.