Turning 70

          first of all i want to thank everyone who sent birthday wishes. lots of folks checked in even if it’s only once a year. thank you agian. 

          turning 70 seems to be some kind of wake up call for me. life is change. my priorities are shifting, my body has already shifted. dear friends are made and some are lost. the same for pets who are just as important. 

          am facing the reality of the body wearing out. can’t ignore the fact that i’m not immortal after all. have always been of the belief that modern medicine could repair whatever damage i may have done to myself.  the medical field has yet to find a solution to aging so i might as well try to be graceful about it. 

            i don’t feel as driven as years ago. the energy and stamina of the past are just not there.  since downsizing and moving and downsizing some more i’ve begun thinking about things i want to keep in my life. picking my priorities. just what is it i love? 

          i love the gentle rocking back and forth on the loom bench while throwing the shuttle and watching the cloth grow. i enjoy all aspects of weaving but everything i do is in preparation for being in that position. once the cloth is off the loom i can look at it with satisfaction and am ready to start again.  

          i love the community i’ve discovered here. have read that weavers are rare and as i watch we seem to be growing even more so.  this country seems to be broken. it makes my weaving tribe and quilting friends even more valuable. comfort, fellowship, sharing, call it what you will this is my safe place. 

          and finally i love that dear growly grrr pushed, coaxed and lead me into these changes.  i wasn’t ready to retire, wasn’t interested in being a snowbird, didn’t want to move, wasn’t pleased with buying a house. and here i am. grateful in spite of myself and enjoying every day. 

          off to work on a loom.