WE HAD RAIN AND WIND AND MAJOR LIGHTENING. It’s about time. didn’t last long. these arizona storms never do but at least we got wet. and we still have leaks in the new patio. 

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          These are photos that have been sent to our local TV station. Impressive! i’ve never in my life seen as much lightening and the thunder actually rattles me.  Louie chooses to crawl under the covers wether i’m in the bed with him or not. 

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          this is one of the quilts i’ll deliver this afternoon. Another delightful one to work on. Flat and square.  used a gray thread front and back and made nice easy loops all over. picking the thread color was the hardest part. 

          this is showing the back. it was also pieced with seams running both directions. 

          Currently out of quilts from others. have mounted one of my own. and started piecing on another one i’ve been waiting to do. just like the tote of completed tops i have stacks of fabrics with ideas for the piecings pinned to them. i’m going to have to live forever to complete the ideas i have in my head. 

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          finished the 2 scarves at the studio. not wild about either of them. They are pretty much identical.  plain weave to show off the hand dyed warp so showing only one.  have 2 more linen towels completed but still on the loom. can’t remember how many yards i put on but obviously it was a lot. i’m on towel 8. 

          and in the evenings i’ve been making crochet bead bracelets. have 2 done. now to string more beads. that’s the part i don’t like. Have dozens of potential patterns designed on the computer but then i have to string the beads according to the pattern i printed off. fortunately i do boring fairly well. 

20190831 101149

          we picked up Grrr’s Honda and he drove for the first time in weeks. got home and told me how paranoid he’d felt that some body was going to hit him. he wasn’t even in the car when it got hit but it still bothered him.  and technically he’s not suppose to drive yet but he got home just fine. i remember after both shoulders the first time driving. took myself in for a pedicure.  was a little shakey about it. hadn’t driven in probably a year because of the pain and the drugs. it’s like riding a bicycle. all comes back with in a mile or 2. 


          he also had his follow up from the eye surgeon. all is good. his vision has improved even better than expected. now he has to get glasses in a couple of weeks and i’m over the chauffeur job.  am so grateful this is all over with and the results are wonderful. 

          another cartoon from FB. fits Louie perfectly. think the hair ball problem will be a life long issue. am not willing to get him shaved.  think i’ll buy stock in the carpet cleaning product i use. 

off to deliver quilts. 


Maggie & Louie