updated entire web site. 


          we now have water - both hot and cold. plumbing to both bathrooms now runs thru the attic, not under the cement foundation. so onward to the next crisis? 

          the plumber cut out 4 different sections of the interior of the closet walls to access water pipes.  Louie thinks the new play ground was opened up just for him. he’s a good size cat so now i’m closing closet doors so he can’t get stuck in a wall. yesterday a repair crew moved in with all the tools and equipment and put the walls back.  With a little paint they’ll look brand new. 

          our big challenge this week is finding the studs in the weaving room. i can’t put a whole lot away until i get the cone racks mounted.  Grrr’s stud finder and also the neighbor’s stud finder it tells you that wall is either entirely of wood or there are absolutely no studs in there at all. have a handyman coming this next week. we’ll see what he can find. 

           spent a day re-vamping the web site. was several years out of date. so take look. easy to navigate, nothing for sale. easy peasy. just pick a tap at the top of this page. 

till next time