We have a move in date!

          April 4 & 5th the carpet is getting installed. then one last inspection and i can officially move in. in the mean time it’s paint both inside and out. someone installed the baseboards yesterday. it’s been forever since i had access to my looms. and i have so many projects in my head it hurts. 

20190321 17445520190321 174434

          have left a message for Gina at the copper needle about getting lola moved. When they delivered her it was from a 20 foot trailer. Gina is at a quilt show as a vender this week so expecti to hear from her by Tuesday. 

          so far we only have one estimate on the patio. 2 more scheduled. then it’s decision time and more waiting for permits but at least we can move all the boxes, totes, bags, and weaving equipment back into the studio and live like normal people in a normal house. 

20190316 084401

          i’ve put my order in with Grrr for a large cutting table for the center of the room. currently when i need to trim a quilt or do any amount of cutting i go to the  quilters club and use their giant table. last week i purchased an Accucutter Go system and it needs to be used on a table. opened up it takes up space. i’ve seen one demonstrated and can’t wait to try it myself. didn’t get the electric. turning the handle doesn’t seem to be a problem. it comes with some basic die cuts and one strip pattern. my shoulders will thank me. 

still working on tiny pieces on my home machine. 

stitched landscape20190317 141132

the blue one has a lot of machine stitching to enhance the mountains and the full moon.  the right side is made from left overs from a stained glass quilt. it’s stitching is a combination of 2 threads used together in the needle. a rough metallic and a shiny acrylic.  straight lines that let the machine feed the fabric through so it doesn’t take any shoulder effort.  

          finished 3 more larger pieces done on Lola. this one is from a left over batik jelly roll. 

          This is also a jelly roll of animal skin prints. i like orange though i seem to be a real minority there. but orange was the only color that worked. 

          and these little 9 patches are from some unknown and un-remembered project years ago. perfect for a baby quilt. 

            these are all quilted and bound and ready for new owners. have one last customer quilt (currently in my car)  before i start packing up for the move. and just walking thru the condo i see we both still have cloths hanging in the closets. and my weaving closet!  Aaachkk!  

          spent friday in Phoenix at a different MRI place. this time it’s a sit inside machine and they gave Grrr 2 heavy duty diazapam pills. one an hour before his appointment and the second one 15-20 minutes before he goes in. his choice is to actually be put under completely so i offered to bring a hammer. nobody laughed. thankfully it went perfectly. he denied all the way home that he was high. but his speech was slow and he wasn’t terribly steady on his feet. plus he got real confused about dinner. we stopped at Arby’s on the way home he’d been fantasying about their fish sandwich. when we got there he didn’t seem to know the difference between fish and chicken so chicken it was. (with Grrr you can’t go wrong with chicken. )went to bed about 7:30.   we have a dr apointment this coming week with the surgeon. we both want this fixed and over with. i know the surgery is arthroscopic with just tiny incisions but i wouldn’t want them doing it without pictures. 

20190312 102537

          You can definitely tell winter is over arund here. am finding huge tufts of Louie hair all over the house. his mane goes away and he looses the majority of his fluffiness during the hot months. have been brushing him but he’s not fond of it. would rather chew on the bristles. 

till next time.