We have Furniture

          it’s nothing extraordinary but it’s comfortable. and the price was very reasonable. After shopping for 2 days in this heat and being shocked at the price differences at different stores we settled on American Furniture. this is the same place we purchased most of the house furnishings. Grrr was growling about we should have gone here first. (he was right) we passed on the umbrella. will be finding a plant or center piece decoration to cover up the hole. 

          and here’s a photo of the solar skylight. the photo was taken about 3pm on a sunny day. this is the medium size light. really thought it would bring in more light.  i was worried about a strobe effect with the ceiling fan but it’s fine. that’s why the installer talked us out of the larger size. 

          with Lola gone i’ve been sewing. saw a picture of a very simple lap size quilt and had the perfect fabrics for it. the color in the photo is way off. it’s a definite purple and cream. i have just barely enough to the dark color for the missing the bottom sashing. not sure it’ll even have borders beyond this. 


          no progress on the towel warp. do have the studio loom warped with a hand dyed warp for 2 scarves. next week will check for errors and make decisions on what wefts to use.  the baby wolf is ready to be warped with a green tencel for scarves. 

          finished a beaded eye glass leash for a friend. forgot to take a photo. will catch up with her later. and have aleady sold 2 of the three just completed tencel shawls.  

     and the sari silk place mats are at the studio waiting for quality control. not terribly happy with them. thinking maybe the warp should have been more ends per inch. 

posing for camera

          no monsoons yet. the weather people keep threatening that it’ll happen soon. Currently is over 110 every day. this morning at 8:am it was 90 and has only gone up from there. it’s so nice that my studio space has it’s own A/C.  it’s the coolest room in the house so not only do i spend a lot of time in there so does Louie. he’s been spending nights in there rather than on his cat tree in the bedroom. during the day he’s forever in my way. he plops down and rolls over to have a belly rub right in front of my next step. dangerous behavior. he’s also started sleeping on Lola’s 12 foot table which will have to stop when she comes home. 

no self esteem issues here - he loves posing for the camera.