We have Real Walls (450)

First we got insulation. both in here and Grrr’s garage. It’s been raining like crazy for a couple of days and my room is absolutely dry. 

20190312 10292120190312 103012

          then came the sheet rock guys. No pix of them working. was dissappointed they didn’t wear stilts but the ceiling isn’t high enough to justify that. 

20190316 084242

          So next, hopefully tomorrow. is another inspection before they can do the mud and taping. it’s getting so much harder to make the drive to the condo to work on Lola. i can see there’s an end to this. They couldn’t move the loom out of the room so it’s still living in the corner all sheltered and protected. 

20190314 140201

          partiipated in the split shed workshop last weekend. was a fun and relaxed class. everyone got the same pattern of a pear and we all got them almost completed. can’t show a pix of mine as it’s still folded up on the loom which is sitting in the garage right now. but this is what we were doing. not sure who this one belongs to. am thinking it’s Mary's

                  we managed to drag the baby wolf home from the studio. have about one inch of pear left and then i can experiement with another design. then maybe tie on with a finer warp and do some experiementing with ratio of sizes of warp and wefts. am thinking rag rugs. 

          brought several little projects home from the condo. discovered these when i unpacked a tote of quilt tops and discovered none of them had any backings. these i can do on a regular sewing machine. the heart was fairly easy. i simply stitched down the raw edges.  the second piece is a reverse applique i did by hand many years ago. had to get out the instruction book to figure out how to lower the feed dogs on the baby lock machine. all i’ve ever done on this is piecing.  it works better than the operator.  put so much work into this one i didn’t want to toss it out so am doing free hand quilting in the corners. Ouch!  my shoulders don’t like the down wards push against the sewing table. about half way i stopped for the day. Have a bunch more to go plus the diamonds for the blog hop next month. these are not even the size of a place mat. 

heartreverse applique


          grrr’s MRI appointment did not go well. he’s claustrophobic and the dr had arranged for him to have an ‘ open' MRI.  first, after he admitted that he still had a bullet in his other leg they needed an x-ray of that to know exactly where it was. got that done and put him in the MRI and he had a panic attack. his hour appointment took just over 2 and a half hours and still no pictures. i sat in the waiting room wondering if the problem was that he wouldn’t hold still and they were having to do it over. anyway - they located a ’sit down’ MRI in Phoenix so that is scheduled for this next week and we’ll try again.  

          road trip one of the local quilt shops in Phoenic. 35th Avenue Fabric and Quilts has a ‘black bag’ shopping day. the quilt group i belong to makes a road trip once a month and have told me about the amazing sales. made the trip to check it out. brought my credit card and used it. purchased an accuctu go cutter. my shoulders will thank me. Pricey and takes up more room than i currently have but i’ll put it to good use when i can move into my workshop. 

20190312 102619

          and here’s Louie keeping an eye on the construction workers out there. He sits for hours in the evenings staring at the door wishing it open. haven’t let him out in the new room to explore yet. Soon Louie, soon.