we have walls!

          we have walls. 6:30 am: 3 trucks parked out front plus a trailer. neighbors are continueing to hate us. but we’re almost done. we keep saying that. Lord - those guys make a lot of noise. 


          it’s really more of a sun room than patio. there are both cat screens and windows. the next step is furniture and getting Louie moved out there. i’ve offered to let him in but he’s been told ‘NO” so many times he’s not willing to step over the threshold. we’ll work on it

          Lola is on her way to the hospital. i just can’t get a handle on this problem. 35th ave (my best, most favorite rescue shop) picked her up.  i’ve re-timed her, i’ve adjusted the needle bar height, i’ve adjusted the tension spring. i’ve tweeked the tension dozens of time. somehow the thread is not running smoothly thru the tension disks. sometimes, it’s smooth (like it should be) and some time it’s grabby. she’ll stitch just fine for several feet and then lay a ton of thread on the underside of quilt.  only when i roll an entire pass forward do i see the huge problem. so frustration has taken over and i made the phone call. asked for a full service,  well worth the price. in the year i’ve had Lola she’s done 61 quilts. she needs a vacation. so dissconnected all the computer attachements and laser lights and finally finished un-stitching about a third of a large quilt. 

          But. . . i bought an electric stitch ripper. didn’t even know they had things like that. read about it while i was doing some research on my problem. goes so much faster.  this is the quilt i’m currently struggeling with. nice and well made. am attemping to use a large Indian type design. 

          had a luncheon at the studio for a member who is moving away. Sad. she’s turned into a really good weaver. she assured me she’s taking her loom and has purchased all the necessarey tools; warping board, shuttles, etc. good girl. i’m expecting future pictures. 

          had my first set of allergy testing done. not a big deal. first step is blood tests. 6 tubes, felt a little light headed when i walked out of there and wasn’t sure where i’d left my car. but the gal was fast and painless. they send the results to my dr and my appointment is the first of the week. then he/she (there are 2 people i see) decides if i need the skin testings. they’re looking for dessert, mountain and polutients. (this state does have bad air.) and we’re always stiring up a lot of dust with the construction. 

          got the bed delivered. now to visit the condo and liberate some sheets for it. that room is almost empty and i still have 1 week to finish getting it ready. looking forward to seeing the kids. We have enough pillows and made a target run for a light weight cotton blanket. (Grrr says my quilts are too heavy for summer). also bought another pot for more baby cactus. out in the back the landscapers moved the birdbath. have decided since there’s no water to it i’m going to plant more cactus. got dirt, got clay pot, now just need a nursery trip for plants. 

          have the big loom at the house threaded and ready for mistake hunting. there are always at least one but i’m excited about being able to start. this warp has 5 shades of pale gold/yellow tencel. somehow with Lola gone and customer quilts on hold i don’t feel as pressured to quilt. weaving is my first love. i’ve been making progress at the studio on the sari silk place mats. finished the third one this week. have about 5 more to go.  not many weavers over there each week. had bigger turnout last year but we’ll wait and see. even have 4 empty looms. there’s nothing prettier than a well warped loom!

just looking at this loom makes me a happy woman!

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          need to update the weavers web pages and then off to spend the day running errands. 

          and Louie has taken up sleeping on the ironing board in the studio. bad cat!!

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