We Passed

          We passed our final inspection! 


and i’ve started moving in.  

          not sure about a moving date for Lola. received a call from copper needle and it was not pleasant. Gina’s new husband (Casey) got rude and aggressive about he wasn't a hired moving man.  After raising the price to 500 and telling me that amount still wasn’t worth his time i suggested he talk to his wife who is the one who volunteered him.  i had been originally told she had 2 customers here in town that needed attention. the other gal needed service done to her machine so if we could get scheduled for the same day it would cost each of us less. i think he didn’t get that message. seems that any follow up service after purchasing from her is non-existent. and she needs to know that Casey is not going to be good for business.  

          Any way - grrr called the local firemen movers. they took one look at it and since the frame needs to be dismantled told me no. they only moved stuff, taking items apart and putting them back together is not what they do.  Called Mulqueens, but they too declined as it’s not a brand they’re familiar with. who would have guessed that this would be such a problem?  but he told me to try Gina one more time (this makes 6 over a 3 week period) and if that fails to then call ABM’s home office. 

          we signed a contract for the patio this week.  was told it would take 4-5 weeks and there are no in-between inspections. only a final one when completely done. Am expecting them to show up soon to start the cement pour. 

          my bedroom has floor space again. hauled boxes into the studio. not everything is unpacked and won’t be until grrr has all the apple crates assembled and Lola moves in. still have black plastic garbage bags behind all the furniture in the living room. these contain the big cones that are from the cone racks that need to be re-mounted on the walls. so calling the local handyman is also on the list. seems to be one step forward, two steps back this week. 

20190415 154411

          have been doing some sewing.  saw a picture of these blocks and decided to make my own out of a package of layer cake fabrics i’ve had floating around for ages. i like it. Bright fun baby quilt. have one more odd block but it’s going to have to be put on the back. odd numbers of blocks don’t work. so this is a stopping place and these blocks will now be stuffed into a bag for assembling at a later date. too much else to do. 

20190414 135823

          finally took photos of the place mats i made several weeks ago. made a series of 8 and donated 6 to the quilting group. just did easy straight stitching on my home machine and saved the binding for them to do.  kept 2 for us. these came from a huge nickel pack of vegetable prints that i couldn’t come up a great idea to use. 

          and am now working on trianngles. 

20190418 124035

          went to grrr’s latest dr appointment with him. he loves the prednisone she put him but he can’t stay on it indefinitely. does bad things to a body.  she did gave him a refill for one month and a referral to a doctor that specializes in rheumatoid arthritis.  his lab work for inflamation was extremely high.  he’s blaming it on the mri machine but that can’t be right. mri are magnets and sound waves. they’re not going to cause any problem unless you have metal parts in your body and a lead bullet isn’t magnetic.  so now i’m pestering him to make this next dr appointment. 

          the scheduled sellers meeting at the studio got cancelled.  postponed until fall. it’s a problem that none of us keep our inventory sheets up to date. including me.  hate detailed paperwork so it got added to my ‘ todo’ list. 

          the month of may is rapidly approaching and i’m set to monitor at the studio every thursday just like last year. there will be an empty looms as the snowbirds have gone home for the summer. need to get a warp planned, measured and ready to go so i can use my time over there. have decided thursday hours will be a little different this year. traditionally they’re 9 to noon. i’m not a morning person so this year it’ll be 10 to 2. 

20190413 192429

Louie is easily entertained.