weekly frustrations!!!

          have been back to spinning. now that the snow birds have left there are very few of us. am trying to convince a friend to learn it but it’s not going well. she expects her yarn to look like mine. Am telling her that it takes time and lots of practice but she’s lost interest. i’ve been doing this for about 50 years. she’s been doing this about 3 weeks. so of course she’s getting what we call ‘art’ yarn. have set her up with the local spinning instructor. 

          another benefit of the snow birds leaving is the traffic. there’s next to none. the lights still take several minutes to change but there is no line up of cars. 

          Saw a podiatrist about my ankle. from the moment he walked in there was an issue. never looked me in the eyes, had my x-rays in his hand and never put them on the light wall. Poked and prodded on my ankle, watched me walk and told me he didn’t see a problem. all the while i kept insisting it was really painful and there was a problem. my immediate thought was to ask for a new doctor but instead i asked for an MRI. he didn’t think it was necessary but finally agreed. told me i needed to get some Dr Scholls inserts.  (this whole incident reminds me of the surgeons who didn’t think my shoulders were bad). on the way home it occured to me - he believed i was looking for pain meds. 

          the quilting group i belong to has ceased meeting in the evenings so i’m pretty much working on my own quilts. this is a drawing of what i plan on doing to this one. i take a photo on the ipad and can draw a design on the screen to see how it’s going to look. Lola is stitching like a dream. 



           with the temps in the 3 digits other than spending a couple hours at the pool it’s all indoor past times. i do miss the rain. and the green.  found this sign on facebook and it’s so appropriate. 

          Century link is giving us fits!  the service at the condo has never had problems. Here it’s up and down and then down again. first they tell you to go online. WHAT!!!  if i could get online i wouldn’t calling.  they shipped me a new modem. (the old one was only 2 months old) new modem, same problem.  Operators don't listen. she wants to send me another modem. ( 2 bad modems in a row tells me they’re making poor quality modems). she also mentions that the line is unstable.  say again!!!  sends a tech.  he shows up, does whatever he does and leaves. now it’s worse than ever. i want another tech. nope - i get another modem. these operators read from a page of instructions regardless. and the answer is no, she’s not sending another technician. by now i physically want to lay hands on her. long story short - Grrr calls, gets a line technician out here within 2 hours who seems to know what he’s doing and we’re back online.  then century link sends me a customer survey about my contact with their operator.  it’s not fixed but i’m tired of the fight.  my guess is the mice have been snacking on the line and it needs replacing just like everything else but that’s a battle that Grrr gets to fight. i’m done. 

ok that’s my rant for the day.