I Learned to Knit!!

Last year when i wasn’t able to do anything else I learned to knit. one i had two hands i could sit in the recliner and knit. it doesn’t take any shoulder movement. 

one of the spinners i gather with most wednesdays knits and she was working on an item that had curves. i was in awe!. asked if she’d teach me and was told ‘no’.  but . .  she did point me to several online videos that featured ‘short row' knitting.  so once i got knit and cast on down i was on a roll. since then i’ve learned that it’s called by several other names. Ravelry calls it ‘ swing knitting’.  and with further study learnd there are multiple ways to do it. still learning. curves in knitting fascinate me.  so this is a picture blog of my projects.