almost JULY

             so this is the start of monson season 2021. we did get enough rain that the street looks wet. it’s overcast out there. not sure if it’s smoke from the wild fires or just plain overcast. but it’s a whole lot cooler than last week. 

          we signed the contract with Yourson Construction to start the kitchen and wrote a huge check. grrr has alredy picked out the appliances he wants. not sure of the exact starting date. but i think grrr is having thoughts of starving. he’s purchased a grill for the patio to cook on.


          am hoping tomorrow is warm enough to go to the walking pool. scar is looking much better but still is discolored. and i still can’t get out of a chair unless it has arms. not using ice packs as much. 

          and Chewbacca is checking out any strangers or large deliveries before he committs to actually staying in the house. 


          the germ pod group i belong to has decided to start attending spinning wednesday’s at the club room. haven't touched any of my wheels since last march. looking forward to meeting new members since i haven’t been there for over a year. . 

          and poor Grrr. our big scren tv died yesterday so now he’s having to pick out a new one to have delivered and connected. that’s 4 days from now. he'ss going to go into withdrawl with no nightly news. 

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this is one way to get your miles in. am wondering if the wever is on a treadmill.

till next week.


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